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How to Change Any Water Filter In Your Home?

The most important thing about filters of any kind is that they have to be changed promptly and as prescribed. Most of them are not difficult to change but it is a human tendency to procrastinate, so dirty filters are an often occurrence.

We can safely say that this is the time of filters. They are widely used and this type of technology for cleaning water is highly developed nowadays. You can install a filter anywhere from your faucet to your showerhead. Under the sink, over the counter, and even get an installation to filter the water in your whole house.

Faucet installed water filters are quite simple to change and of moderate price. Most often activated carbon filters are used which are an extractable unit. Just unwind, extract the old filter, insert the new one, and wind again. These filters usually last up to two months, before it is mandatory to renew them. Of course, that depends entirely on your water supply. Usually, water is much heavier in urban areas and that makes the life of the filter shorter.

There are also ceramic faucet installed filters that have activated carbon inside them. They are renewed in the exact same way, yet they have the advantage of lasting longer because you can clean ceramic filters. The filtration with these filters works on two levels. The matter first passes both through the activated carbons and the ceramic cover. The ceramic cover soaks up the water-dirt. This is visible by the significantly darker white color (light brown for dirtier water) it becomes covered with after some time of use. Furthermore, the flow rate of the water coming from the filter faucet decreases significantly. That is the sign for you to unwind the capsule, take out the filter, and clean it. If you do not know how, read our article to learn how to clean your water filter.

Again, depending on the condition of the water, this may be necessary through different periods. The dirtier the water, the more often you would have to clean it. The cleaning process is very simple, and it is done using a very thin scrub. Under a light rate of water flow, you have to gently scrub the ceramic surface until it becomes white again. Once you’ve done that and you place it back, you can run the water and see that the water flow rate is back to its normal again.

The filters of a countertop water filter are changed very easily, and they have a few advantages to the pitcher filters, for example. They have greater longevity of up to six months for some units. Another perk is that they are travel-friendly. You can take the unit with you and attach it to any faucet, anywhere.

Activated carbon filters are also used in water filter pitchers. When using an activated carbon filter for your water pitcher, it is important that you let the new filter soak in water for at least twenty minutes, before you place it in your pitcher. Another very important thing to remember about them is that you must follow up on the filter change. For these types of filters, the duration is usually a month, of course, there are some new ones now that last longer, but each pitcher has a specific way for you to tell when it is time to change the filter.

Do not try to save money by keeping the filter longer than instructed, because you would be impacting your health much worse than you would without even using a filter and simply drinking from the tap. If you don’t want, or you cannot buy a new filter, then just don’t use one or turn to methods like boiling for cleaning your water until safely potable.

under sink water filters replacementUnder sink water filters are a bit more fidgety for changing than the ones mentioned so far. It is again a pretty simple procedure and usually, all the tools you might need are provided together with your purchase. Like for example a plastic spinner to facilitate you with unwinding the housing of the cartridges (filters). You can do without it of course but they make the job easier.

This type of water filtering most often uses separate carbon and sediment filters. The carbon for cleaning out all contaminants and other unhealthy compounds and the sediment for dissolving the solid minerals in the water. There is a specific instruction to which cartridge should go where, so you should follow them. Try to refrain from throwing out the instructions since it is easy to forget such things. Also, you might not be the only person who has to change the filters. By keeping the instructions, you might save your loved ones from frustration.

Do not forget to shut down the water from your main valve and drain the remaining water out of the system by opening the faucet until the water stops running. Then you can start changing the filters. Once you have unwound the cartridge housing you can clean the inside if you see it necessary. On the mouth of the housing, there is usually a rubber ring for insulation and a better grip on the top case. One can lubricate this ring with a food-grade lubricant.

Other than all this important advice mentioned so far, everything else in the procedure is pretty simple. At present this activity has been sought after by the manufacturers and they have made things as consumer-friendly as possible.

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