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What is the Ideal Shower Head Height

Showerhead height isn’t something you thought of when you started renovating or modernizing your bathroom. Well while it isn’t as important as some factors, you should still think about it. In this article, I will tell you about the different showerheads and the standard heights for each of them.

What are the Different Types of Shower Heads and Their Appropriate Heights?

What is the Ideal Shower Head HeightThere are different types of showerheads and each of them is installed differently. The height at which you install the showerhead is important because you want to be able to move freely in the bathroom and not to bump or injure yourself if the showerhead is installed too low. The essential criteria you should consider are how tall you are and what type of shower head you will be installing. Here are the most common shower heads people like using and the appropriate height for each of them.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld showerheads are the most common type installed in most households around the world because it’s handy and you can adjust the height of your shower with the help of the shower slide bar which I explain more about in the rest of the article. The standard height at which people install these types of shower heads is between 72 and 78 inches, because of the slide bar which allows for the shower height to change based on each person’s needs. These benefits hotels and communal showers because each person or guest that uses them can adjust the height of the showerhead accordingly. The hose length of the shower head you buy should be at least 60 inches (152cm) because then you will have more flexibility. This type of shower head is also perfect for households with children because of the adjustable height and the leeway the showerhead hose provides.

Rain Shower Heads

The reason these types of showerheads are called “rain” showerheads is that they make you feel as though you were standing under the rain. The showerhead is installed parallel to your shower floor while the shower arm is installed on the wall just like any other showerhead. You will have to calculate the height based on the tallest person in your household or make sure that it’s at least 84 inches (213cm). If the tallest person is 83 inches (210cm), for example, you would want to install the showerhead a few inches above his/her head so he won’t bump into it when showering, which makes the ideal height 85-87 inches (215-220cm) or more. Always make sure whether a rain shower head is right for you and your bathroom prior to making a purchase.

Wall-Mounted Shower Head

Wall-mounted shower heads are the simplest to install and the height should be calculated based on the tallest person in your household, but make sure it’s at least 80 inches (203cm) from your floor or the floor of your shower enclosure. These types of showerheads typically have limited spray flexibility and people sometimes install swivel ball adapters or shower arms to adjust the height of the shower and the direction of the spray. You can also install a device that will make sure you don’t waste water while you wait for it to heat up, this will not only benefit your shower experience (because you won’t have to wait for the hot water to reach you via the pipes long) but your electricity bill as well. The device is called a hot water recirculating pump and you should check out some reviews on it. This product is easily installed under your sink, for example. You won’t have a problem with its size because it’s small, but it does a big job for your household.

Combined Shower Heads

Combined showerheads are a very good compromise for any household because they give you the option to have a wall-mounted showerhead, like rain or s-type but also give you access to a handheld showerhead. There are different types of combinations you can find online which work best for your household. The most common combination people buy is the rain shower head plus the handheld showerhead which is attached to an outside rail that holds the rain shower head. That way you can shower with whichever shower head you prefer and you can adjust the height of the handheld showerhead for shorter people who use the shower. Another popular combination is a wall-mounted showerhead and a handheld showerhead which can be installed outside of the wall-mounted showerhead or can also be a part of it. Combined shower heads are also excellent solutions for bigger households because each person can decide which shower head to use that fits their needs and desires.

Accessories to Extend Your Shower Head Height

Shower Water Filter

Accessories to Extend Your Shower Head HeightThe water filter which is attached to your shower head isn’t an accessory for height but it is very important when it comes to improving your skin, hair, and overall appearance by removing some contaminants in it. When you attach it to your shower head, depending on the type, you will change the height of it, so plan accordingly if you want to add such a filter to your shower. You should use a high-quality shower head water filter to take better care of your skin and hair, but also to use less soap when showering and to protect your bathroom from water stains.

Shower Slide Bar

The slide bar can hold your handheld showerhead and you can attach it to the wall via a shower holder rail. You can move (adjust) the showerhead along this rail which would essentially change the shower height. You can mount the rail on your wall at whatever height you wish and use it as a holder for your handheld showerhead and another shower head if you have one.

Shower Arm

There are two types of shower arms – adjustable and s-type. The adjustable shower arm is essentially an extension of your shower arm and you can use it to increase the height of your shower head. You won’t need to replace any parts to attach this arm, so installing it would be straightforward. Another type of shower arm is the “s-type” which is in the shape of an “S” and you attach it but you need to remove the current shower arm and replace it with the s-type one.

Swivel Ball Adapter

The swivel ball adapter is used mostly by shorter people to adjust the showerhead spray. This way the water angle would be suitable and it will reach you instead of the shower wall, for example. It’s a perfect way to adjust your shower height and it’s cheaper than other methods you can use to adjust your shower height or spray direction.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Shower Head Height?

What is the perfect shower head height?

If we aren’t talking about the industry standard, then the perfect height would be a few inches more than the tallest person using the shower. Let’s say that you are the tallest in your household and you are 6 feet 6 inches (199cm) tall, then the recommended height of the showerhead would be at least 6 feet 9 inches (206cm).

What is the standard (industry) shower head height?

The industry height depends on the shower head you are using but experts say that it’s 80” from the floor (6 feet 8 inches or 203cm).

Does the shower enclosure height matter when choosing a showerhead?

Yes, it does. Shower enclosures are installed inches above the shower floor and you will need to start measuring the height from the shower enclosure floor instead of the floor of your bathroom. You shouldn’t install a shower enclosure that touches the ceiling, especially if you don’t have enough ventilation which prevents water damage, such as mold or other types of fungus.

What is the standard shower enclosure height?

The height of shower enclosures depends on the measurements of your bathroom. The industry standard is between 72 inches (182cm) and 78 inches (198cm).

How do water softener shower heads work and should I get one?

No, water softener heads don’t work because there isn’t enough time for the chemical process of “softening” to transform the hard water into soft water. There are other ways you can use to soften your water which has plenty of benefits including healthier and better-looking skin and hair, plus you would need less soap when showering.

Final Conclusion Regarding the Ideal Shower Head Height

The “ideal” shower head height isn’t a fixed number because every person has different needs. The best decision you can make would be to calculate the height based on the tallest person who will use the shower. If you won’t be using the bathroom or you plan on selling it, then make sure that the height is at least 80 inches (203cm) if not more. You can also choose to install a type of shower head that suits the users best, like the ones I mentioned above. You have plenty of options and I hope that this article helped you decide the best course of action.

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