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Tyent UCE-11 Review – Alkaline Water Generator / 750 Watts

This is one of the highest quality water ionizers you will find for your home. We don’t say that in vain because the Tyent UCE-11 has been announced as the best water ionizer for 6 consecutive years between 2012 and 2017. The unit has considerable advantages and we will take a look at all of them.

What Does it Do?

In short, this ionizer will increase the pH levels of your water and make it more alkaline. The pH levels will consistently be around 8-9. Another impressive feature is that this product also removes about 99.9% of all contaminants found in municipal water. More importantly, fluoride is also removed. All of this is achieved by the thorough high-end filtration system which defeats the need to use UV lighting to kill bacteria. There are two cartridges that will yield excellent performance and thorough filtration. The temperature of the water cannot be controlled.

The Specs

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water IonizerThe design of the unit is elegant and it screams top quality. A neat addition is the touch screen which allows you to fully customize the functions of the ionizer. There are also 2 faucets and not one. The 2nd faucet is for the discharge water which is not to be used for drinking, cooking, or bathing. It is suitable if you want to water your plants.

The ionization is achieved through 11 big platinum plates. They are hybrid plates as they feature both a solid and a mesh body. We already mentioned the dual-filtration system but another spec worth mentioning is the power. In this case, we are talking about 10 amps of power.

The unit is fully FDA approved as it is also lead-free and BPA-free. There are 2 versions of the ionizer – the ACE and the UCE. The main difference is that the former is the above counter model while the latter is the under-counter one. Both versions include a faucet.

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The Contents of the Set

As already mentioned above, you get 2 faucets with the unit. You won’t need to buy anything separately. The same goes for the touch screen – it will be included in the set, of course. The unit also comes with the two filters but there are no spare ones.

When it comes to installation, it is a pretty straightforward process because all the tools are included. The best part is that you can do it yourself. No need to get a plumber for the installation. It can be connected to a reverse osmosis system as well.

What to Expect

A neat perk of the whole system is the fact that it will clean itself periodically. You will not need to open it up and remove any build-up or rust. What you might not find so appealing, though, is the fact that the filters will last only about 6 months. That’s not so surprising because most top-class water filtration systems are also in the same boat.

However, the price for two new filters is in the triple digits and some people aren’t happy about it. Another way to measure the life of the filters is to use gallons. The manufacturer suggests that the filters of the Tyent UCE-11/ACE-11 will last for about 950 gallons. Changing the filters of Tyent UCE water ionizers is quite simple, too.

A huge advantage is the lifetime warranty of the unit. The supplier is located in South Korea, which is a sign of quality. The customer service isn’t the quickest, though.

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  • Top-quality – composed of all high-end parts
  • Touch screen – a convenient feature allowing you to program your device
  • Thorough filtration – removes 99.9% of all contaminants in the water
  • Consistent – the pH levels of your water will remain high constantly (8-9)
  • The set includes everything you need to install the unit
  • Discharge water can be used for other purposes
  • Long filter life – 950 gallons
  • Lifetime warranty
  • BPA-free


  • Filters cost a lot to replace
  • Customer service can be better
  • Cannot be used without electrical supply

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