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Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Review

Main Properties

This Doulton system is very efficient in purifying water as it has a cartridge filter that removes the unhealthy elements. The cartridge itself features a 4-staged filtration to ensure that your water will be clean and ready to drink. In the first stage of the filtration, the water passes through a carbon block filter, which eliminates a great quantity of the floating contaminants such as parasitic cysts, taste, odors, and bacteria. The second stage has antibacterial features. Thanks to them, the filter can sterilize itself so that it won’t get contaminated again. In the third stage, another carbon filter removes organic compounds, chlorine, and any remaining tastes and odors. The forth filtration stage is responsible for reducing the heavy metals in your water.

As this unit has a solid housing and thick tubing, it is considered to be one of the most durable under sink filter systems, compared to other products of the same class. Thanks to its durability, this device can be used to filter both tap and well water. The faucet of this unit is also a very sturdy one – you can either flip the lever up to make the water run or hold it down so that it can just dispense.

What Does It Remove?

Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter SystemThe four stages of this system eliminate most of the floating contaminants, bacteria, organic compounds, and heavy metals. You can also be sure that it will help you get rid of any odor or taste that your water may have. This filter aims to provide you with pure water, and we know that it should be with no taste, color, or odor.

The Contents of the Set

  • An under-sink filter system.
  • An installation kit.

What to Expect?

This system can be installed easily under the sink, and it needs to be connected to the main faucet. If you want to connect this system to a different cold water faucet, you can do it, but you have to make sure that the fitting size is the same.

As the filter is washable, you can use it again, and this way, you will save money. When it is time for the filter to get cleaned, you will notice that the water flow is reduced. Don’t panic, this is quite normal, and it doesn’t mean that the water pressure is down.

It has been estimated that one filter can purify around 600 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.  Depending on the amount of water that you drink, one filter can last for about one year. Replacing the filter is easy – first, you need to shut the water supply off. Then unscrew the bottom from the mounting unit. Afterward, unscrew the old filter and put the new one in—screw on the bottom cover.

When you are ready to replace the filters, run water through it for 10 minutes, then try not to use it for 24 hours, and finally run it for two more minutes to waste. Remember that when you replace a filter, you also need to change the O-ring washer. When you purchase the system, you will receive instructions on the installation and replacement of filters.


  • As this water filter system has a solid housing, it is considered to be among the most durable products available on the market.
  • Due to its 4-staged filtration, this device can remove most of the water contaminants such as bacteria, organic compounds, heavy metals, as well as odor and taste.
  • This unit comes with an installation kit.
  • Reportedly, the system is very easy to install.


  • Even though there is an installation kit, not all the necessary elements for the mounting of the unit are included in the package. You need to buy some of them additionally.

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