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Clearly Filtered Kitchen Faucet Filtration System Review

Here is another top quality under the sink water filtration unit from the higher price range that will give you excellent value and plenty of functionality.

Main Properties

The Clearly Filtered under sink water filter is an overall compact option for every household. It is basically a 3-stage filtration system that will purify and cleanse your water.

The unit affects not only the clarity of your water but also the taste. This makes it excellent not only for cooking but also when it comes to preparing shakes and other beverages. The replacement filters can be bought straight from the manufacturer.

What does it Remove?

Clearly Filtered Kitchen Faucet FiltrationThe Clearly Filtered unit will take care of more than 220 toxic chemicals and metals found in water. All of these will be removed from your water. This includes fluoride. Very few filtration systems actually remove fluoride from your water – but this one does. Among the other contaminants that will be taken out of your water we can list:

  • Microplastics
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides & Herbicides
  • Arsenic

On top of it all, you will enjoy odorless water with improved taste. The way the chlorine and fluoride are removed from the water is by tiny magnets within the media. These magnets attract and filter out only certain contaminants.

The Contents of the Set

The installation of this unit is exceptionally simple as all you need to do is connect the waterline of the filter to your cold water line under the sink. Some people may view this as a downside, but the unit doesn’t come with a bypass valve.

This means that if you want to bypass the filter, you can do that only by turning the hot water on. Beware that this also means that your hot water will not be filtered by this system.

A huge benefit of the product is that it can be installed horizontally too. This goes to show you how versatile the system is as it allows you to use tight spaces.

When it comes to changing the filters, the leak-proof filter heads will truly make it easy for you. This is because they feature shut-off valves. A slight knock on the unit here is the fact that there is no indication when the cartridge is due for replacement. There’s no light, no sound – nothing. You can tell only by the water pressure which will significantly decrease as the effectiveness of the filter expires.

The easy installation, however, has another advantage. You can easily move the unit from the sink to sink. This is great when you want to rent out a home with or without the filtration system. No need to buy a separate faucet for this under sink filter. Also, no need to go get a plumber.

What to Expect

Clearly Filtered Kitchen Faucet Filtration SystemThe life of each filter is approximately 12 months. If you use the filter frequently, you may have to replace it in 9 months. According to such logic, though, your filter may last more than 15 months.

The system is also fully certified and tested independently to EPA & NSF standards. Everything in this system has been made in America under strict supervision.

You are allowed to get a full refund of your purchase in case you don’t like the filter. Additionally, the manufacturer backs up their quality work with a lifetime guarantee. They have a dedicated customer service team for each of your water filtration queries.


  • Leak-proof- the filter heads are sturdy and very tight.
  • 3-stage filtration – the system removes almost every contaminant known to man. This includes fluoride too.
  • Easy to install – installation is simple, and you do not need to hire a pro to do it. It’s almost a “plug-and-play” thing.
  • Good value for your money – why you will pay a good amount for this product, you will enjoy odorless, tasteless water free of more than 220 contaminants.
  • Decent filter life – few filters survive one full year without having to be replaced. This one does.


  • No indication that the filter needs to be replaced – you have to track the life of your filters on your own
  • No bypass valve – the unit always goes through your cold water line. It cannot be bypassed unless you use hot water.
  • Coldwater pressure will be reduced by half – the filtration system will reduce the gallons per minute rating of your faucet.

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