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Westbrass D271H-12 Velosah Review


Westbrass D271H-12 Velosah Instant Hot Water DispenserThe fact that this unit features QHT-1 technology means that it is a very effective dispenser at delivering instant hot water.  Unlike other similar products that rely only on manual operation, this dispenser has a unique handle that features an auto-off lever. Thanks to this lever, hot water can automatically turn off. This feature has multiple benefits – it is energy-saving as there won’t be any waste of hot water, and at the same time, it is related to safety. However, some people may find it irritating that hot water may stop automatically.

The 9-inch faucet with its gooseneck spout makes using it pretty easy, and it doesn’t allow for hot water to get spilled out of the sink. Remember always to direct the faucet spout away from the handles to avoid getting burnt.

If you have decided to purchase this product, bear in mind that it is not intended to be modified for cold water. Thanks to a temperature control switch, you can turn off the water manually. If you are interested to understand what temperature has the dispensed water – it is adjustable from 140 to 190 degrees. To be able to adjust the heat, you have to turn the dial, which should be mounted under the sink. Unfortunately, this dispenser doesn’t have a screen to tell you at what temperature it is going to dispense water. So you need to experiment until you find what temperature suits your taste the most.

If you want your hot water to be filtered, you will be lucky with this unit as it allows you to install a filter between the tank and the water supply. The manufacturers have provided very detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to attach a filter to the tank of the unit and the water supply. Note that the filter doesn’t come with the product. If you want to install one, you need to purchase it separately.


As far as the installation of this unit is concerned, you should be aware of the fact that all the necessary materials for a single-hole installation come with the product. You should also know that the heater is convenient to install and doesn’t take a lot of time. The manufacturers have written easy-to-follow step by step instructions on how to install the faucet. For your convenience, the copper lines are color-coded with red or blue tape to help you follow the steps.

The manufacturers warn you that it is not a good idea to use a plumber’s putty to mount the unit. Instead of it, you are advised to apply a silicone seal as it is more durable and lasts longer.


Item weight: 11, 8 pounds

Product dimensions: 12 x 18 x 10 inches

Material: faucet – brass; tank – stainless steel

Color: Oil-rubbed bronze

Warranty and Service

This Westbrass hot water dispenser is warranted for one year after the date of purchase.


  • Thanks to its high-arch spout, the faucet provides a proper sink clearance, and it prevents water from being spilled out of the sink.
  • For safety reasons, the handle of this dispenser shuts off automatically. This ensures your safety and, at the same time, saves energy.
  • If you want to drink filtered hot water, you can install a filter between the unit and the hot water supply.
  • The installation of this unit is easy and doesn’t require an expert to do it. You can rely on very detailed and well-organized instructions.


  • Reportedly, this unit works on the noisy side.
  • You may notice that the faucet leaks at some certain points of the day. Don’t panic – this is normal as in this way the pressure is being released from the tank.

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