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Waterdrop Chubby Review – 7 Stage

Not having to overpay for water filter pitches while still obtaining excellent quality is rare nowadays. We have discovered that this is actually precisely the case with the Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Filter Pitcher. Our team was happy with the performance of the product but also with its design.


Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter PitcherThe most important feature of the unit is the 7-stage filtration in which the manufacturer takes pride. Among the contaminants that you will have removed are:

  • Fluoride (inorganic)
  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Limescale

An essential contaminant that is removed is sulfur. Additionally, the filter of the jug will get rid of inorganic fluoride. However, for the removal of organic fluoride, an activated charcoal filter is required.

Bear in mind that the filter is not designed to attack and remove TDS. Reverse osmosis systems remove total dissolved solids, and this pitcher isn’t going to help you with it.

Still, the life of the filter is impressive as it will last you about 200 gallons. This is way above the average length for a water filter pitcher. All of that results in saving more than 1600 plastic bottles of 16 oz.

When it comes to replacement filters, you can order these from the same manufacturer. A slight knock on the product is the fact that it comes with just one filter. The set does not contain any replacement filters, as many other water filter pitchers do.

The cover of the lid doesn’t have to be removed to pour water. There is a small touch-free spout lid through which water is poured. Staying on the design topic, the body of the unit is slim, making it perfect for placing on the refrigerator door. The last design trait that is worth mentioning is the wooden handle. It is ergonomic and allows you to easily carry the pitcher even when it is filled.

The plastic is BPA-free. Speaking of plastic, the bottom of the product doesn’t have any other cover but plastic. Some units have a ribbed silicone base to prevent slipping, but not this one.

Another critical component located on the lid of the unit is the indicator light. This LED light will notify you of the status of the filter. If the light is blue, then this means that your filter is functioning properly and doesn’t require your attention.

If the light is blinking in red, this means that the filter should be replaced soon. And finally, if the red light is on at all times, then your filter’s life has expired, and it isn’t purifying your water anymore.


  • Fills up to 10 cups
  • Dimensions – 10.4 x 5.3 x 10 inches
  • Weight – 2.3 lb
  • Filter life – 200 gallons


  • Smart design – no need to open the whole lid to pour water. Also fits in the fridge door
  • Effective – the 7-step filtration will get rid of most heavy metals in your water
  • Good capacity – can fill up to 10 cups. The average is 7.
  • Eco-friendly – the BPA-free plastic design won’t threaten your health
  • LED indicator – this is a great addition that prompts you when to change your filter


  • No silicone-ribbed base – the pitcher could be more stable
  • Won’t remove TDS while other pitchers do.
  • Removes only inorganic fluoride. The pitcher doesn’t have activated charcoal, which handles organic fluoride.

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