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Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener Review

This is a rather usual looking item but it does have a few advantages worth mentioning. If you expect to be greatly surprised by such a water softener, then you better have another thing coming. But you can rest assured that the Tier1 Digital Water Softener will get the job done and it just might be worth the sum you will put down for it.

Main Properties

Tier1 Digital Water Softener For Hard WaterThe unit is manufactured in the USA and this is a strong argument as to why you might want to explore it. You get to select among 2 available colors – black and blue. Needless to say, the Fleck 5600sxt will significantly raise the quality of the product along with the price.

This LCD display along with the Fleck valve gives you not only convenience but also security. By using the digital meter control valve, you can decide on the water pressure and the flow rate that you will get out of your faucet. The grain capacity stands at 48 000 grain and if you understand the importance of water softener capacity, you would realize that this number isn’t ideal.

What Does It Remove

Hard water is nobody’s friend. The Tier1 Water Softener will take care of the two main components of hard water. It will remove calcium phosphate as well as magnesium. It is important to note that useful minerals are unharmed during that process.

What causes the most troubles is heat paired with those substances we just mentioned above. This leads to a nasty buildup inside your showerheads and pipes. Limescale is easily removed with this unit, though. Hard water in combination with soap also yields undesirable results. This is what makes your skin itch after a shower. Well, say goodbye to all this.

The Contents Of The Set

As you open the package, you will discover the big mineral tank, a brine tank, and a valve with a bypass. Oh, there’s also an adapter included. You can say that the unit is rather space-saving because of its dimensions. The mineral tank is the largest piece and it is only 10 inches in diameter. This narrow component is 54 inches tall, however. The brine tank can hold about 4-5 packs of salt at all times.

The unit can be installed virtually anywhere and this also includes your outdoor areas. You only need to make sure that the temperatures do not fall below freezing. If that happens, the integrity of the softener will be seriously threatened.

What To Expect

The unit will ultimately aid you in your money-saving endeavors. First of all, you will not need to maintain and replace your showerheads and faucets very often. The softener will get rid of the limescale or at least, it will significantly reduce it.

You also have complete control over the cycle times. Basically, the Fleck 5600sxt will let you program the regeneration cycles either by a certain period of time or by an amount of water used. You can have both and that’s pretty neat.

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  • Space-saving – the unit’s dimensions allow for a tight area installation
  • Effective – will remove the most popular reasons for hard water and will prevent limescale buildup
  • Can be installed outside – as long as it doesn’t freeze
  • The set includes everything you need
  • Full control over regeneration cycles


  • Not great value for money – not cheap but pretty basic
  • Capacity could be better – 48 000 grain isn’t the most impressive number.

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