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Taco 006-B4 Bronze Review


This Taco circulator pump features a standard high capacity output, which is one of the reasons it is such a powerful hot water recirculating pump. To be exact – its maximum working pressure is 125 psi.  Thanks to its compact design, this unit provides maximum efficiency. At the same time, it works exceptionally quietly.

All of the moving parts are contained in a replaceable cartridge, which is a great convenience. Instead of replacing the whole circulator, you can just change the part which is damaged.

What Does It Do?

Taco 006-B4 Bronze Circulator Pump ¾-Inch SweatThis Taco product is intended to circulate both hot and chilled water in open, as well as in closed loops. Apart from being used for household circulation, it is also applied for hydro-air heating and cooling, hydronic heating, water source heat pumps, heat recovery units, potable water applications, and drain down open loop solar systems. Since this pump can circulate both hot and cold water, it is not temperature controlled. So if you want to adjust the temperature, you can get and install a thermostat.

In case you need to repair or replace the cartridge, you can do it by unscrewing four bolts. Then you can take the motor away from the pump housing, insert the new cartridge, and tighten the bolts. This way, the pump housing will always stay connected to the pipes, and you won’t have to pay a plumber to reinstall the whole unit. Just remember that there is a rubber ‘O’ ring that seals the surfaces of the cartridge and the pump housing. So when you reassemble the two parts of the unit, you need to make sure that this ‘O’ ring is in the right position before you mount the motor and tighten the bolts. In case the ring is not in its proper place, leakage may occur in this area.

The Content of the Set

  • A bronze circulator pump – ¾ inch sweat.

Keep in mind that the unit doesn’t come with a power cord.


Voltage: 115 volts

Weight: 4, 55 pounds

Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 7 inches

Liquid temperature – 40 to 220 degrees

Material: Bronze

What to Expect?

This unit can be mounted in any direction – both vertically and horizontally. Just make sure that the motor is down. If you place it up, this will limit the cooling and shorten the pump’s lifespan. If you install the pump in the supply loop, there may be some slight flow pressure lost. However, if you install it in the return line, the flow will be the same as if you are not using a pump.

You will definitely like the fact that this product doesn’t require any maintenance once you install it. Taco has made this pump a self-lubricating one, so you won’t even need to lubricate it yourself. Unlike similar products, this one can be used with tankless water heaters as it is a powerful recirculating pump.


  • You will be surprised how quietly this unit works. You may even need to put your hand on the motor to make sure that it operates as you won’t hear any sounds of vibrations.
  • In case your cartridge fails or needs to be repaired, you can easily replace it without having to dismount the pump housing from the pipes.
  • You can use this system with tankless water heaters as it is powerful enough to handle their high pressure.
  • Since this pump is made of bronze, it can be used to circulate potable water.


  • Before sweating, you need to disassemble the unit so that its interior plastic parts won’t get damaged. However, it is not very difficult to remove the pump from the motor – you just need to unscrew four bolts.
  • When being used continuously, the unit may seem warm when you touch it. However, it is not so hot as to be considered dangerous.

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