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SpringWell Futuresoft Salt – free Water Softener Review

There’s a good chance that this is the top water softener you will ever find. That’s mainly because of all the nature-friendliness that it has along with the hassle-free maintenance. The SpringWell Futuresoft Water Softener is a high-tech unit for every household.

Main Properties

FutureSoft Salt-Free Water SoftenerThe primary property of this water softener is that it doesn’t soften your water in the same way as other conventional devices do. Although they also have a salt-based softener for sale, this is an entirely salt-free water softener meaning that the technology that gets rid of the hardness-causing minerals is totally different.

Here, we observe the so-called TAC process (Template Assisted Crystallization). This is a physical process during which the problematic minerals in the water are converted to crystals. Here’s the kicker – those particles will not stick to practically any surface. Your appliances will be clean, your hair and body will be healthy, and you will not notice any build-up in your plumbing and faucets.

What it removes

Water softeners typically do not filter out any particles. You can take a look at a variety of water softeners out there and will find out that they mainly deal with the levels of magnesium in the water. The SpringWell Futuresoft will also not remove any of the calcium ions in the water.

The contents of the Set

Installation is typically the most intimidating aspect of water softeners. But worry not, this unit here comes with everything that you will require to install it.

  • The mounting bracket – this is what you need to attach it to any wall
  • A bypass valve – you want your softener to be on a separate piping route from your main pipe
  • MNPT fittings – these are crucial if you don’t want any water to leak out.
  • Spanner wrench – use only this tool to tighten the cartridge, the fittings, and the pipes. Otherwise, you risk damaging the plastic body of the device.
  • The O-ring – you won’t need to make a hardware store run for it.
  • Pre-filter housing and a sediment filter.

If you are not convinced of your abilities to perform a DIY installation of a water softener, then simply look for a professional plumber.

What to expect

FutureSoft Salt-Free Water SoftenerIt is safe to say that you will notice a difference in every area of your life where you use water. Your appliances and faucets will be cleaner and build-up free. You will enjoy a plumbing system with longer life. Second, your food will taste better as soft water is excellent for cooking. Your whole family will be happy to have smoother skin and healthier hair. Water softeners improve the quality of taking a shower dramatically.

You will, however, not feel the water to be more slippery as a result of softening. Most softeners achieve precisely that but not the SpringWell Futuresoft. Thanks to the TAC process, you will actually not notice any softening in the water physically. If you run tests on it, it might not even show that it has been softened. This, of course, doesn’t mean that the device is not working correctly.

Additionally, because this is a physical process, and it is not based on ion exchange, the flow could become slower but they offer different sizes in order to achieve no drop in water pressure.

Finally, there is no monthly maintenance for this product at all. There are no cartridges to change and no salt to be added. You also save some space as there is no 2nd tank full of salt waiting to be used.


  • Revolutionary TAC technology that doesn’t require salt and ion exchange
  • Maintenance-free (Replace 1 filter annually)
  • Nature-friendly
  • Extends the life of your appliances
  • No more limescale or spotting on glassware etc
  • Excellent value for the money
  • All the supplies are included in the kit


  • More expensive than a typical salt-based water softener
  • Testing the water doesn’t show that it had been softened.

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