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SoftPro Elite High-Efficiency Softener

In our many years in the field, we have come across many low quality and cheap softeners, but this SoftPro Elite isn’t one of them. It is a high-end modern softener, which is also affordable. This unit is assembled in the USA and is tested by a third party company. Furthermore, it has several premium features. Also, the model is available at different capacities so you can get one that fits your household’s needs. Overall it’s excellent value for your money.

Main Properties of Upflow Regeneration

SoftPro Elite High-Efficiency Water SoftenerThis is the technology that allows for a more precise recharge of the resin. More specifically, to recharge the depleted resin only. When the amount of clean resin drops below 3%, a short regeneration occurs and restores the system. This way, the softener keeps working until its scheduled regeneration time comes. Thus the system doesn’t run out of resin and doesn’t let you use or drink hard water. With this upflow regeneration, up to 75% of salt waste can be reduced up to 64% of water waste. The downflow regeneration moves untreated water through the cleaned and recharged resin, so no water is wasted.

“How economical is this system?” you may ask. In comparison to a traditional softener that uses between 2 and 5 bags of salt a month, SoftPro uses anywhere between 1 and 5 for a year. Thanks to the upflow tech, the difference is enormous.

What it Removes

You have three filter options when you’re buying the unit. Based on which of the following you get, see which impurities and contaminates will be treated.

  • Filtered drinking water (R/O system) with alkalizer. If you need your water alkaline, get this R/O system. It filters the water and alkalizes it at the same time. This model can clean about 75 gallons of water per day.
  • Upflow catalytic carbon filter. This carbon filter is recommended for people who use city water and need a good whole-house system. Catalytic carbon filter is a bit pricier than the rest of the options, but it removes chlorine and chloramine, which the other two do not.

This filter also gets rid of herbicides and pesticides, heavy metals, even pharmaceutical and petroleum products. Furthermore, it can last you for up to ten years. Also, replacing the filter is super easy.

  • KDF55 Media guard filter removes up to 99% of the heavy metals found in water, also chlorine and bacteria. This system has about ten or more years of life.

Ease of Installation

The instructions are straightforward and clear, so even a first-time installer can get the job done with ease. A good advantage is the fact that the resin is pre-loaded, which is a time and a headache saver.

What is more, you can hook this unit up on a pre-existing set up from another model. However, the best of all is that the package includes a bonus – quick connectors. This eases the installation even further as you have almost all the necessary parts without having to go to the store.

What to Expect

Choosing this water softener for your house can be a valuable asset. With a one-time investment, your family will have pure, soft, and healthy water for many years. We can say that this system is low maintenance as it has an automatic function. You can set it and forget it. As we already mentioned, the salt is only refilled a couple of times a year. With the modern upflow regeneration technology, this softener will save you hundreds of money in expenses.

For maximum effect, combine the SoftPro Elite with the filter type that you perfectly clean your water.


  • This unit has a lifetime warranty.
  • There is even a Vacation mode.
  • It has a modern upflow technology that saves salt and your money.
  • You have to load the softener only a couple of times a year.
  • There is a brine tank guard.
  • The work process is quiet.


  • There’s no base model.

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