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Red Lion 14942402 Review


This Red Lion pump is suitable to provide farms, rural homes, and cabins with fresh water. Note that this item is not designed to be used in pools as it is not safe for the people swimming there. If you are wondering whether to get this product, you should be aware that the diameter of your well should be at least 4 inches so that the pump can fit. As far as the depth of the well is concerned, you can submerge the pump up to 250 inches deep. Reportedly, this is a very powerful submersible well pump as it can produce pressure as high as 85 psi. However, it is not advisable to reach this pressure as it can cause the pipes of the device to burst. The shuton pressure is 40 psi, and the shutoff pressure is 60 psi.

A useful feature of the pump is that its shell is made of stainless steel as it is a durable material. In addition to this, this device is equipped with a motor bracket and thermoplastic discharge. You can choose from models whose motors are 2 or 3-wired. The 3-wired ones are equipped with a control box. Needless to say that the pump and motor are assembled and ready to install. You also have two other options: a 12 GPM model or a 22 GPM one. It is useful to know that both models have check valves and built-in suction screens. The role of the check valves is to prevent backflow and to ensure system pressure.


Red Lion 14942402 Submersible Deep Well PumpIf you use this pump as a replacement, it would be easy to install it as you can use the existing wires and controls if they are in good shape. However, if it is the first time you install a pump in a particular well, then it is a two-person job and can take you around an hour or even more.  You should definitely follow the given instructions. To mount this device, you will need heat shrink connectors to make the wire connections. It is highly recommended to tie a nylon rope to the pump so that you can easily pull it out when you need to.


Item weight: 0, 01 ounces

Product dimensions: 24 x 6 x 5 inches

Voltage: 120 volts

Warranty and Service

Red Lion has been so generous as to provide a 3-year warranty for this product. However, the pump can last for at least 5-8 years and even longer. During the three years period of the warranty, the manufacturer will repair or replace any part of the pump that has proved defective due to materials or workmanship of the manufacturer. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the impeller.

Note that the manufacturer has the right to inspect any item that has been returned under warranty to confirm that the repair or replacement is approved. Keep in mind that if you fail to present a suitable proof for the purchase date, then the date of manufacturing will be considered as the beginning of the warranty period. Another thing you should bear in mind is that the manufacturer is not responsible for any cost of labor related to removing or affixing the product.


  • There is an option of choosing between motors with 2 or with 3 wires.
  • An advantage of this pump is that it has a built-in suction screen.
  • As the shell of the pump is made of stainless steel, it is very durable and sturdy.
  • All the 3-wired motor models have a control box.


  • Unfortunately, the impeller of the pump doesn’t have a long life span.

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