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Ready Hot RH-100-F560-BN Review


Ready Hot RH-100-F560-BN Hot Water Dispenser SystemIf you want to have instant hot water just by turning a faucet on, this could be a product to consider. With this Ready Hot water dispenser, you can save both time and energy, which means that it is also a budget-friendly option.

Compared to other instant hot water dispenser units on the market, this one has a bit smaller holding capacity. To be more exact, its tank can dispense more than 40 cups of hot water per hour, while other products of the same class can provide around 60 cups. At the same time, the maximum temperature that it can reach is lower than that of other heaters- this one can reach up to 190 degrees, whereas some of the others can reach 210 degrees.

However, all of its other features make this unit worth considering having. One of its definite benefits is the fact that it has an automated tank equipped with a self-resetting thermal fuse. The purpose of this fuse is to prevent the tank from a burnout in case a sudden dry start occurs. You can choose from a dual hot faucet or a dual hot and cold faucet. You can also select the material of the faucet – Chrome or Brushed Nickel.

If you have decided to get this product, you will most probably be interested in its unit’s characteristics – it has a 2, 5 quarts stainless steel tank, and its heating element works with 110 volts and 780 watts. In addition to this, the unit is equipped with a stainless steel outlet and inlet tubes.

Reportedly, this unit uses very little electricity, which means that it is energy-friendly and that you will save money using it. You don’t need to buy a power cord separately as the dispenser comes with a pre-installed power cord. Recent statistics show that the flow rate of this device is faster than that of similar units –this will be of great use if you need to fill larger containers with hot water.


This heater is intended to be installed under the sink. You need to connect it to your house water supply system. There is no need for a pump as the water pressure from your supply system propels the water throughout the system.

After you have mounted the unit, the manufacturers recommend adjusting the temperature slowly and then testing to check whether it suits your taste. If you have reached the maximum heat, you will see an indicating red light. When the tank is thoroughly heated, you will see an indicating red light. Once you install the unit, it needs little to no maintenance.


Item weight: 11, 85 pounds

Product dimensions: 11 x 7, 75 x 11, 75 inches

Wattage: 780 watts

Voltage: 110 volts

Warranty and Service

If you want to have a 4-year protection plan, you can get it by additionally paying for it. If you have any questions or issues with this dispenser, you can contact the sellers via the e-mail address and the phone number given in the paperwork. You will find out that the customer service staff is pretty responsive and helpful.


  • Thanks to a self-resetting thermal fuse, the tank is protected from burnout in case of a sudden dry start.
  • A special indicating light shows whether you have reached the maximum temperature and whether the water is thoroughly heated.
  • Compared to other units, this one provides a faster flow rate.
  • For your convenience, this water heater requires no maintenance once it is installed.


  • The faucets do not shut off automatically – you have to push down on the handle before you can use hot water. Even though this may seem annoying, it is intended to work like that for safety reasons.

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