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Quality Water Treatment SoftPro GREEN Review


Reportedly, this SoftPro RO system removes 96% of the contaminants from your water, some of which are lead, nitrates, chlorine, arsenic, chromium, organic impurities, toxic heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and fluoride. According to recent research analysis, this device can eliminate around 1000 unhealthy elements.

One of the essential features of this system is its filtering capacity – it is capable of purifying 75 gallons per day. Another interesting thing about this product is that you are given a unique chance to design your own faucet by choosing its style and color. On top of that, you can do this for free.

This product is covered by a 5-year warranty while most of the other RO systems come with a 1-year warranty.


Quality Water Treatment SoftPro GREEN RO systemUndoubtedly, this product has a very high efficiency – its waste ration is 1:1, which means that for every gallon of purified water, only one gallon is wasted. If we compare it with other RO systems, we will see that they have a waste of 3 or 4.Having said this, we can conclude that this system is also an environment-friendly one. Another proof that this device is eco-friendly is that when you start using it, you will reduce the number of plastic bottles you buy. So there will be less plastic waste. In addition to this, the system saves you money.


When you order this RO, you can choose from a standard carbon filter or an alkalizing one. The difference between the two types of filters is that the alkalizing one is better for your body as it improves the level of pH in your water. Thus it makes your water alkalized, which is much better for your health than acidic. The alkalizing filter adds minerals back into the water.

This RO system features a 5-staged filtration. In the first stage, there is a 5-micron sediment filter responsible for trapping dust and particles. The second stage consists of a 10-micron coconut shell granular activated carbon. In the third stage, another 10-micron carbon block reduces chlorine, organic impurities, taste, and odor. The most important stage is the 4th one – this is the high-efficiency membrane. It is made of a thin film composite membrane, and it reduces toxic heavy metals, and dissolved solids. The last stage is an odor filter, which eliminates any remaining odor and improves the taste of water.


In terms of installation, you can mount the system yourself if you have some basic plumbing skills, and there is no need to pay an expert to do it for you. The manufacturers promise that this is an easy process, and to make it even easier, they will send you an installation kit with accessories. If you have some experience, the installation will take you around an hour. In case of having any questions about this unit, you can contact the kind and reliable customer service professionals.


  • You can install this system yourself, and thus you will save money as you won’t pay a plumber to do it
  • Due to its 5-staged filtration system, this device eliminates 96% of around 1000 contaminants.
  • This product is very efficient – for one gallon of filtered water, only one gallon is wasted.
  • The manufacturers give you the unique opportunity to design your worn faucet.
  • A definite advantage is also the 5-year warranty period.


  • The standard carbon filter removes all the healthy minerals from the water and makes it very acidic, which is not healthy. However, SoftPro offers you the opportunity to take an alkalizing filter if you want to.
  • Keep in mind that the unit may be too big to install under the sink.

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