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Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Review

What Does It Do?

This Pure Hydration water ionizer can eliminate around 99% of more than 220 water contaminants, some of which are herbicides, lead, bacteria, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. The main aim of this device is to balance the body’s acidic levels. That’s why the pH of the water it delivers is 9 -9, 5 pH. In addition to this, it rejuvenates the water with minerals and provides you with the necessary molecular hydrogen levels. It is the molecular hydrogen that is considered to be one of the most useful antioxidants for your body. The reason for this is that it reduces the damages that the free radicals cause. After having said all of the above, there is no wonder why this ionizer makes water taste much better.

The Specs

Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water IonizerThis unit features a sleek design so that it won’t take a lot of space in your kitchen. Unlike most of the other products of the same class, this one is a non-electrical one. At the same time, it doesn’t allow water waste. So we can conclude that it is an energy-friendly product. Since it doesn’t use a lot of energy, then it will help you save money. As the unit doesn’t use electricity, then it operates with batteries – 4AA ones.

When the package arrives, you will receive a diverter valve. Also, you can get an optional brushed nickel manual faucet for under-counter installation, an optional chrome manual faucet for under-counter installation, and an optional cold water supply faucet for the countertop. All of these faucets are available on the website of the manufacturer.

The Content of the Set

  • An alkaline antioxidant water ionizer.
  • A diverted valve.
  • All installation hardware.
  • A set of 4 cartridge filters.

What to Expect?

The manufacturers promise quick and easy installation for this product. They have provided videos to show you the steps on how to mount the item easily. Luckily, there are several mounting options. In general, this unit is designed for over-the-counter installation. However, you can easily convert it to below – the sink one using the quick-connect ports. You may find it interesting that there is even an outlet for a fridge.

Basically, there are two ways in which you can install this ionizer. The first one is using the diverter valve, connecting it to the faucets which have an aerator. In this case, you just need to screw the diverter valve in the place of the aerator. The second method is a bit more complicated – using the reliable brass valve from the package. You can either mount this valve in the place of a soap dispenser or drill a hole and hook it to your existing cold water supply.

Once you have installed the unit, it is pretty simple to use. You will only need to replace the cartridges, but they can quickly get changed as the unit has a dual side entry. The good news is that there won’t be any mess when you replace the cartridges.

A lifetime warranty covers this product. In addition to this, the manufacturer will repair for free any parts that have shown defection in the first five years. After these five years, they will still service the elements, and the cost won’t be exceeding one of a set of replacement filters.


  • A definite advantage of this ionizer over similar units of the same class is that it is non-electrical and this function makes it one of the best water ionizers on the market.
  • This device eliminates around 99% of more than 220 water contaminants.
  • All the necessary hardware for the installation of this unit is included in the package. Moreover, there are several different ways in which it can be mounted.
  • The filter cartridges of this unit can be easily replaced.

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