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PUR 3-Stage Advanced Review

If you want to have one of the best faucet water filter that won’t be in your way when you’re washing dishes, then this PUR model can be the one for you. Its design and layout are considerate, and you can rest assured that the unit will not look out of place on your faucet. The housing is made from plastic and three of the connectors inside of the box. One of them is metal.

This water filter is perfect for people who are sick and tired of waiting for a water pitcher to filter the water. Plus, the PUR 3-stage water filtration system comes at a practical price even though it is not amongst the cheapest ones on our list.


PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water FilterThis PUR water filtration system can reduce organic compounds with minimal clogging. It uses a carbon filter that removes lead, chlorine, mercury, heavy metals, sediments, etc. The box also says that the filter eliminates microplastics.

There’s a light indicator for the filter’s life. When it’s green, you can use the system without worrying. When it turns yellow, you need to replace the filter.

One thing this unit does and others do not is swivel. So if at any moment the head is in your way, you can adjust it. Also, like most of the products, you can turn it on or off. Whenever you need unfiltered water, turn the diverter, and you will be ready. Like others from this list, this PUR water filter reduces the water flow to some degree, but it’s nothing troubling.

But what does a 3-stage filtration mean? Well, the first stage is where the sediments are stopped from continuing their path and ending up in your glass of water. The second stage of the system eliminates or reduces over 70 common water contaminants. The third and last stage is the MineralClear core. That is designed to give your water a crisper and fresher taste.


It comes with four different adapters and one filter. Like most similar products, this too fits most standard faucets. With so many available connectors, you should be able to set it up without a hassle. Just as installing the unit, changing the filter also takes only one click.

Another great thing about choosing this product is the fact that its replacement filters are on the affordable range. Plus, you can find them in packs of three or more, which end up being even more budget-friendly.

In case the connectors from the box do not work with your faucet, you can contact the PUR support and receive different ones.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 18,4 ounces

Height: 7,7 inches

Length: 7,3 inches

Width: 3,2 inches

Colors: Chrome, Grey

Filter life: 3 months


  • NSF and WQA certified water filtration system.
  • It comes with two years of limited warranty.
  • Able to eliminate up to 99% of lead from the water.
  • This system reduces over 70 water contaminants.


  • One of the adapters is metal, and the rest is plastic.
  • The filter shouldn’t be subjected to high temperatures.

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