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Primo – Easy Bottom Loading Dispenser Review

Here we have one of the best water dispenser from Primo Water. It lacks most of the features other units on this list have, such as filtering the water or making ice cubes. However, if you need a simple and affordable product, this can be ideal for your needs.


Primo White 2 Spout Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Cooler DispenserThis model is also quiet compared to others. All it makes is a low humming sound, which is typical for this sort of electrical appliance. You can buy and use various brands and bottle sizes to use with this system, however, there are limitations. Since the dispenser loads on the bottom, there’s a door that hides the water bottle. This door limits the size of the bottle, which you can use. Otherwise, you can use 3 or 5-gallon bottles.

The dispenser is a good solution for families who consume a lot of bottled water. This gives you the chance to declutter your home from empty water bottles.

A great thing about this machine is its design. Since the water bottle is hidden away, the dispenser looks much more stylish and isn’t unsightly big. Also, it’s clean white color can make it fit various interior designs. Furthermore, since its top is clear of anything, you can put some decoration on it.


The installation is incredibly simple. No tools or expertise are required. You simply put it in the designated place, plug it in, load the water bottle, and it’s ready to use. Another benefit of having a bottom loading water dispenser is the fact that you don’t have to lift heavy 5-gallon jugs to put on top.

Keep in mind that this unit isn’t designed to work in temperatures below 50 degrees. This means that installing the system in a poorly insulated garage or shed isn’t advisable.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 38 pounds

Height: 40,9 inches

Width: 12,2 inches

Length: 14,2 inches

Colors: White


  • You can use other brands of water, too.
  • This dispenser is Energy Star Approved.
  • Being a bottom loading dispenser, it isn’t likely to leak.
  • Also, this model is great for people with back problems because no heavy lifting is necessary.
  • This model has a light indicator when the bottle needs to be renewed.


  • Some small amount of water is left in the bottle, and it often goes wasted.

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