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Pelican Water Advantage Series Review

This is an excellent saltwater softener with an improved formula and features. Why do we say that? Well, the GPM rate is significantly better than some other water softeners in that same class. Also, the system is smarter as it performs backwash only when needed. Thus, it saves you more water than you think.

Main Properties

Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water SoftenerWhat you get with the Advantage Series Softener is a high-capacity tank. The dimensions are 62.5 inches x 11 inches. You can use either salt or potassium to soften your water. This also makes the tank universal. Here you also get a flow rate of 12 GPM, which, as we already mentioned, is a step up. This is if you opt for the PS48 model.

The PS80 model of the same softener comes with a larger tank (62.5 inches x 13 ¾ inches) and with 50% faster flow rate (18 GPM). The main difference between the two, however, is the grain capacity. With the PS48, you get 48,000, while with the PS80, the capacity goes up to 80,000.

We liked the most about the unit because you will not experience a noticeable loss of water pressure. Both the 12 GPM and the 18 GPM are quite excellent for almost any household in the USA.

The electronic head is a thing of beauty. We say that because of the simple operation and the ease with which you will be able to set your system. The backwashing phase can be automated, but you can also have it start manually.

There are only four buttons you have to pay attention to. The system will work smoothly and relatively quietly. You also have the Double backwash feature at your disposal in case you seek optimum regeneration.

In case of a power outage, the battery back up will keep your softener working for about 8 hours.

What it Removes

This is a water softener, and it will not remove any contaminants. Because it is a salt-based system that will get rid of the extra calcium and magnesium in your water and render it softer. This is exceptionally beneficial not only to your skin and body but also to the appliances in your home.

Additionally, there will be less, if any, limescale on your faucets. All the nasty build-up inside your shower head will be gone too.

The Contents of the Set

One of the best additions to the package is the bypass valve. You will not be required to run to the store for it. There are also 1-inch fittings, but if these don’t work for you, you may have to change them with ones of the proper size.

In addition to the system, you also have the brine tank, which comes with the float and the drain line. And let us tell you about the drain line. It’s a 50-foot (3/4-inch) drain line, and you get all of it for free. And lastly, the instruction manual is also part of the package.

What to Expect

It is important to note that the system must not be exposed to extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Before making a purchase, you must be aware of the climate in the area in which you live. If the temperature in your basement (or wherever you have the system installed) frequently drops below 36 degrees, you will have a problem. The same goes if it is regularly hot and the temperatures go over 120 degrees.

Installation is not going to be a hassle because the instructions by Pelican are very well written. We don’t even think you will need to hire a professional plumber for the procedure.

When it comes to warranty, you get two types of it. The first one is called “Limited Lifetime Warranty” because it covers some of the parts for 12 years. That’s sort of a bummer because you don’t get a genuine lifetime warranty.

The second one is the 7-year warranty, and it’s on the solid-state electronic heads.


  • A classic system which truly softens the water unlike some of the conditioners out there
  • Very effective – you can have a double backwash feature.
  • Easy to set – the electronic head is a piece of art providing you with simple operation.
  • Everything you need for installation comes with the set.


  • The lifetime warranty isn’t a lifetime warranty. It’s for 12 years.

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