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Lake Industries Water Filter Pitcher Review – 2.5 Liters

The water filter pitcher developed by Lake Industries does a great job at filtering and alkalizing the water. The filter cartridges used by this manufacturer use more technologies to produce the healthiest and best-tasting water.


This is a good water filter pitcher that comes at a nice price. All the components used for making this filter are BPA free, and they are also approved by the FDA as food grated materials. Reusing this water filter poses no health threat, so it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to using plastic water bottles.

This filter uses a 7-stage water filtering cartridge. The cartridge combines more filtering technologies to provide superior tasting water. The cartridge uses ion exchange resin, mineral balls, activated carbon, and tourmaline to purify the water. These components will remove most of the contaminants in your drinking water, including but not limited to chlorine, heavy metals, zinc, copper, lead, and any foul odors or smells.

After passing through this filter, the water molecules are reduced in size from the contact with the natural stones and ceramics in the filter. This makes the water molecules easier to assimilate, so they will provide a better hydration.


Lake Industries The Alkaline Water Filter PitcherThis model uses a 7-stage filtration technology. Even though this might seem like a very complicated and long process, it is actually the same one used by other models with a 4-stage filtration, only it’s marketed differently.

The cartridge filters use four technologies to block the contaminants in your drinking water. The first one is a filter net. This net is crucial to the filtration process, as its role is not only to block the larger particles from entering your water but also to stop them from reaching the activated carbon filter ensuring this filter won’t be blocked. The net will remove all the sand, rust, dust, sediment, and other impurities from the water.

The second stage of filtration is an activated carbon filter. This is one of the most important steps in the filtration process. Most of the chlorine, heavy metals, along with bad smells and tastes are blocked at this point.

The third step in the filtration is an ion-exchange resin filter. This filter is essential for softening the water. This filter is made out of sodium infused resin beads. When the water reaches this filter, the calcium and magnesium particles in it, the ones responsible for limescale formation, will adhere to the surface of the resin beads. The sodium ions will be released into the water, but they will be neutralized by the next filter.

The fourth and final step in the filtration process is a mineral stone filter. This filter has the role of dissolving some minerals and adding good minerals to the water. Another role is in reducing the size of the water molecules, making the water easier to absorb.

The cartridge filter is very efficient. It has the capacity to remove up to 90% of the contaminants in your drinking water, including copper, lead, zinc, lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and bad tastes and smells.

Filter Longevity

This water filter pitcher uses filters that have a maximum filtration capacity of 40 gallons. This is not a large filtration, and some households might need to change the filters once every three weeks or so. This might be an inconvenience, especially if you consume a lot of water.

Make sure you remove the sticker on the bottom of the filter cartridge before you start using it, to ensure optimal water flow.

Pitcher Capacity

The pitcher has a maximum capacity of 0.66 gallons or 2.5 liters. Depending on your household’s water consumption, you might have to refill the pitcher several times per day.

One of the advantages of using this water filter pitcher is that it has a good ergonomic design. You will be able to manipulate the unit with ease, change its filters quickly, and fit it into the fridge with room to spare.


  • Increases Water’s pH – This filter will increase the water’s pH. Not only will this improve the water’s taste, but it will also make it healthier.
  • Cheap Filter Replacements – Even though this model uses filters that have to be changed more frequently than those of other models, they are cheap. This is a great way of making sure you don’t break the bank when you replace the filters.


  • Paid Reviews – While this has high reviews on Amazon, they might not be true. The company will send you a free filter for a 5-star review. This is an unfair way to gain good ratings, but at least you can get a free cartridge out of it.
  • False Recommendations – The manufacturer recommends you change the water filters once every three months. This might sound good, but it’s not true. With a 40-gallon filtering capacity, you can reach the three-month limit only if you drink up to 0.4 gallons per day.

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