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iSpring RCC7AK Review – 6 Stage


iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink Reverse Osmosis SystemWhat makes this high-tech reverse osmosis system unique is the fact that it processes in 6 stages. During the first five stages, all the contaminants are removed from your water. While in the sixth stage, the system restores the healthy minerals. Thus you will have not only pure but also healthier water.

With the purchase of this product, you will receive:

  • A European style kitchen faucet;
  • A complete 6 – filter set – three life pre-filters which are exceptionally long, an ultra-fine filter, a fine GAC filter, an AK filter;
  • A transparent 1st stage housing – so that you can quickly inspect the water;
  • A pressurized storage tank;
  • A leak stopper which is equipped with a pulp. Whenever the water touches the pulp, it stops entering the system;
  • Leak-free fittings;
  • A 4-color tubing set;
  • A feed-water adapter;
  • An ASO valve;
  • A drain saddle – thanks to this one, the pipes and tubes can get drained.
  • Spare O-rings and fittings;

Once you have the system installed, don’t forget to register it online so that you can get the extended manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this, you will also have lifetime technical support.


This system is capable of eliminating around 99% of the bacteria and contaminants from your water. Researches show that this iSpring device can remove around 1000 different unhealthy particles such as lead, chlorine, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and others. Unlike similar products, this one can also remove some of the fluorides from the water.

Reportedly this system purifies water very quickly, which makes it suitable for big families.


As we have mentioned, this system is characterized by six stages:

  1. PP Sediment – this part is responsible for eliminating dust, rust, sand, sediments, and particles.
  2. GAC – this one removes all tastes, colors, and odors from the water as we are all aware that pure water has no taste, color, or smell. In addition to this, GAC also eliminates chlorine;
  3. CTO – in this stage some harmful chemicals such as chloramine are removed;
  4. RO membrane – in this part bottled quality drinking water is produced;
  5. Post carbon – if there is still any taste or smell in the water, it is removed in this stage;
  6. pH filter – this one restores the healthy minerals in the water, and thus increase water alkalinity;

The life expectancy of all filters is from 6-12 months.


A comparatively easy installation characterizes this system. Actually, you don’t even need to call a professional to do it as it is intended for DIY installation. All the parts that you need in order to mount the unit will arrive in the package. You may only need one or two basic tools, additionally. Apart from that, you also have very detailed and well-organized instructions in the box.

You can also watch the special videos on an installation showing the process step by step. If you still have difficulties, you can also call the technical support of iSpring to assist you. You can install the whole system under your sink. Fortunately, you won’t need any threading pipes. If you want to prevent the device from leaking, just push the tubing ½-inch deep into the quick-fitting connectors and lock. Remember that after you mount the unit, you need to flush it at least once, so that it can be ready to use.


  • The whole system has such a compact design that it can be mounted below your kitchen sink.
  • Unlike regular drinking faucets, the iSpring one is made of lead-free brass and is pretty quick to install.
  • Thanks to the clear instructions, the installation of this unit is pretty handy.
  • The 6-stage system removes most of the water contaminants but, at the same time, restores the healthy minerals in the water.


  • The warranty of the separate parts of this system covers only one year.

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