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Home Master HydroPerfection Review


Thanks to its advanced filtration and purification stages, this Home Master system can remove 98% of water contaminants such as sediment, chemicals, and heavy metals. In addition to this, the full contact technology introduces healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water.  These minerals are added twice throughout the filtration process. As a result, you have pure water for drinking and cooking, which has no smell or color.

Unlike similar reverse osmosis systems, this one can be used both for well and city water. Undoubtedly the most impressive feature of this device is its fast flow technology, which provides a double average flow rate. This is one of the very few filtration systems for which the manufacturer allows you to upgrade the faucet that comes with it. If the housing or any of its elements get damaged, you can use the 5-year warranty provided by Home Master.


Home Master HydroPerfection RO Water Filter SystemResearches show that this HydroPerfection RO system is very efficient. To prove this, we can have a look at the 1:1 ration of purified to wasted water. In other words, for one gallon of filtered water, only one gallon is wasted.

The efficiency of this product is also visible in the fact that it eliminates 99% of all microorganisms, around 98% of all TDS, metals, and chemicals. This is achieved mainly with the help of UV light, which fights all microorganisms more effectively than chlorine will do. Thus it eliminates the contaminants without the need for chemicals.


Home Master uses advanced modular filters in which the housing and all its parts share one unit. To function properly and to be more hygienic, this unit needs to be replaced once a year. Don’t worry. You won’t find doing this a challenge – you remove the whole housing without the need to detach any pipes.

Another useful feature of Home Master filters is that they have a built-in Fast Flow RO kit equipped with large tubing and fittings. They allow a larger quantity of water to go through them, which leads to a higher flow rate.Apart from this, the modular all-in-one filters that are used in this system have push-in fittings. This means that you won’t have to apply any effort to service them.

Thanks to the system’s full contact technology, the acidic water goes twice through a remineralization filter. When this happens, calcium and magnesium enter the water, and it becomes healthier to drink and cook with. Another benefit of this remineralization process is that the life span of the storage tank will be increased.

There is an iron prefilter which is intended to protect the RO membrane. Apart from this, a UV filter eliminates microorganisms. A special Permeate pump increases the maximum water pressure. To sum it up, this Home Master system has seven stages of filtration, purification, and enhancement. Reportedly all the filters of this system are long-lasting.


We have good news for you – this system is designed for a ‘homeowner installation.’ So you can mount it yourself, and you won’t have to pay an expert to do it. For your convenience, the tubing is color-coded, and all the connection parts are made of quality material. You will receive detailed instructions in the box of the product. Apart from this, you can watch the ‘How to Install’ videos that the manufacturers offer or call their live support.

Depending on the quantity of water that you use, you will most probably need to replace the filters only once a year as they are supposed to be able to filter 2,000 gallons before you need to change them. Whenever you have to replace the filters, this will be quickly done as you won’t need to detach any water lines. Instead of this, you remove the whole housing. So you won’t need any wrenches or additional tools to do this.


  • The UV light used in this Home Master water filter system eliminates contaminants without using any chemicals. So the chemistry of the water is not changed, and it is healthier to drink.
  • You won’t have to use any tools or apply any effort when you replace the filters. They feature a modular design and push-in fittings, which make them pretty easy to change.
  • Reportedly, Home Master filters last longer than the traditional RO ones – you only have to replace them once a year.
  • Since the whole all-in-one housing of the filter system is disposable, there won’t be any leaking when replacing the filters.


  • You may notice some gurgling sound after you install the unit. However, it disappears once the system settles down.

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