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Home Master Artesian Review – Full Contact


This system will help you get rid of contaminants such as heavy metals and sediments, but it will also add healthy minerals to your water, such as calcium and magnesium.  This device consists of two separate units that are connected with a 3, 5-inch tubing.

What makes this system unique is that it remineralizes the water twice. This is possible with the help of the patented full contact technology of this Home Master product. How does it work? The full-contact technology makes the water, which is acidic, to go through a remineralization filter not only once, but twice. The first time is on the way to the storage tank, and the second time on the way to the RO faucet. Due to this double remineralization, the storage tank can last for a long time.

When you order this system, you will receive a built-in fast flow RO kit. Thanks to it, the flow rate of your running water can get doubled. You can have a bottle of water filled twice as fast as with other RO units.

As you have probably noticed, this system has its own faucet. Don’t rush with the question ‘Where can I buy it from?’, as the manufacturer provides it to you. Moreover, you can choose from 10 different faucet types.

This filtration system is one of the few ones that can be customized and upgraded. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee. If anything happens with the housing or any of its elements, you can take advantage of the 5-year warranty.


Home Master Artesian – Full Contact Reverse osmosis Water Filtration SystemThanks to its patented full contact technology, this system has proved to be highly efficient in providing pure and rich in healthy minerals water. This filtration device removes 98% of contaminants such as sediments, heavy metals, and chemicals, but it will also add useful minerals. In addition to this, the Ph levels of water will also improve.

A special non-electric permeate pump improves the efficiency of this system. Don’t get mistaken by the fact that since this unit provides a high flow rate, it will wastewater. On the contrary, it will increase water production with 50%, and at the same time- reduce water waste with 80%.


The Home Master system has advanced modular filters. Typical for them is that the housing and all the elements share the same unit. So whenever you have to replace the filters, you remove the whole housing. This should happen once a year in order to keep the system hygienic.

Another advantage of these filters is that they have a built-in fast flow RO kit with large tubing and fittings. It is this kit that leads to a double water flow rate. We all know that a stronger flow is much more enjoyable and easier to use, especially when you are in a hurry to prepare a meal.

The modular-all-in one filters of this system are equipped with push-in fittings. So you won’t have to apply a lot of effort for the service of these cartridges.


Everything that you need for easy DIY installation is included in the package. You will receive:

  • A fully assembled water purification unit with an RO membrane and filters;
  • A chrome RO faucet;
  • A storage tank;
  • A 3/8-inch feed-water adapter;
  • An RO faucet adapter;
  • A drain saddle;

Thanks to the fact that the system consists of two separate units, there are a number of mounting options. You will find it useful that the housing and all its elements are gathered in one assembly. This allows you to change the cartridges quickly and with no effort.

You won’t have to change the filters frequently –  you will need to replace the cartridges approximately once a year. Replacing the filters is very easy – you just remove the whole housing. On top of that, you won’t have to detach any pipes or water lines. Hence, you won’t need any wrenches.

  • The push-in fittings and the modular design of these filters make them easy to service and replace.
  • All the necessary components for the installation of the unit come with it.
  • Replacing the filters should be done only once a year, and it is a simple process as you have to remove the whole housing.
  • Thanks to this top-notch reverse osmosis system, you will improve your water efficiency with 50% and reduce water waste with 80%.


  • The manual instructions are hard to read, which makes installation a bit more complicated than expected.

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