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Grundfos 59896341 SuperBrute Review


As is the case with other similar Grundfos products, this one is also characterized by the variety of materials used for its unit. The durability of the system is achieved by a cast – iron pump housing. On the other hand, the rotor is made of stainless steel, which, apart from being a very durable material, is also corrosion-resistant.

A benefit of this unit is that it has a one-phase motor that doesn’t require any additional motor protection. There are three speeds you can choose from – low, medium, and high. Thanks to the three levels of speed, you can adjust the pump to meet the system’s requirements. To choose one of the three flow rates – you just need to use the three-position switch, situated on the pump casing. If you need to control the temperature additionally, you can wire the pump to a wall thermostat. Just make sure that the voltage is the same – 115 volts.

Unlike some other recirculating pumps from the same class, this pump has a built-in check valve. If you need to change or repair this valve, you can remove it from its place. Taking into account all these features, it is not a surprise that this product is appropriate for heavy continuous use. You should be warned that the unit doesn’t feature a switch on or switch off button. However, you can connect it to a thermostat or a wall switch to control it.

What Does It Do?

Grundfos 59896341 SuperBrute Circulator UPS15-58FCThis Grundfos water recirculating system is capable of providing instant hot water in all types of housings. Moreover, thanks to its parameters, the pump can be connected to all domestic traditional heating pieces of appliances. As for its installation, you can mount it in any position you want – both vertically and horizontally. Just make sure that you follow the arrows for flow direction. The product comes with a booklet with very detailed and clear instructions. Note that if you do not install the unit according to the given instructions, it can burn out quickly.

The Content of the Set

  • A circulating pump;
  • A booklet with instructions;


Voltage: 115 volts

Weight: 6, 8 pounds

Dimensions: 5, 25 x 4, 19 x 6, 5 inches

Size: Small

Color: Red

Material: Ceramics, Stainless Steel, Carbon, Cast iron

Warranty: two years from the date of the installation

What to Expect?

If you have any electrical work experience, you will find the installation of this pump a breeze. The only thing you need to do is to follow the clear instructions. After the installation, you shouldn’t worry about maintenance as it doesn’t require any. This pump uses the heating water itself to lubricate its bearings. So you won’t need to put silicone lubricant on the ‘O’ ring or the gaskets before installation.

If your water level is above the height of the pump, you won’t even need to prime this unit. Thanks to its wet motor design, the pump is very quiet when in operation. In case you hear any sounds from the pipes, this is a signal that you haven’t installed the unit correctly.


  • This pump is so silent when working that the only thing you can hear is the clicking sound of your thermostat if you have one.
  • No maintenance is required- you even don’t need to oil the motor or the bearing assembly as the pump uses its hot water to lubricate the bearings.
  • Thanks to the three-speed settings, you can control the flow of water.
  • A variety of quality materials makes this product a durable and reliable one.


  • To install the unit, you have to get a 2-inch pipe extension and a stainless-steel piece of the natural gas unit.
  • If you have a standard water heater, then most probably, you will have to get cast – iron mounting plates for the pump.

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