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Gasland BE158 Review


Unlike the other products that we showed you in our reviews, this one can be mounted outdoors. To be able to endure the weather conditions, this unit is equipped with a number of safety systems. Some of them are anti-freeze protection, a flame failure device, and overheating protection. A special LED display screen shows you the temperature.

The heater is equipped with mounting brackets, which you can find on the top and backside of the unit. They are intended for easy installation. Moreover, the unit has a very convenient high-quality handle so that you can carry it with you and enjoy your camping experience.

What Does It Do?

Being designed as an outdoor water heater, this one can be used for camping. You can even hook up this system to a garden hose. The only thing you need in order to do this is an adapter which to convert the pipe thread to the garden hose. Of course, if you insist, you can also install this unit indoors. To do this, you will need a flue pipe, and you should keep the device well ventilated. Whenever the pressure of the water rises above 110 psi, it will be automatically decreased by the Gasland BE158 1.58GPM 6L Outdoor Portable Gas Water Heaterheater to provide the necessary safety. If you are not satisfied with the level of water or heat flow, you can adjust it to your taste.

The Content of the Package

  • A portable gas water heater
  • Everything you need for the installation


Wattage: 12 000 watts

Maximum Weight Capacity: 10,4 pounds

Hose length: 5 feet

Fuel Type: Propane (for propane only)

Activation Flow Rate: 2.5PSI / 0.44GPM

Maximum Power: 41000 Btu /hr

Flow Rate: 1.58GPM / 6L

What to Expect?

You can easily carry this unit from one place to another because it has a sleek design. In addition to this, the installation of this device is also pretty simple. It takes only several minutes to do it, and you just need to use the mounting brackets which are situated at the top and the back of the unit. The manufacturers warn you not to over tighten the pipes and connectors when you mount the unit so that you can prevent it from leaking or bursting.

Thanks to special advanced combustion technology of the main burner and the propane water heater exchanger, this device decreases the level of noise, as well as the gas consumption. Please, remember to conduct a gas leak detection test before you start using the heater. You mustn’t use flame for this detection. Instead, you can apply some soapy solution.

If you want your heater to function properly, you need to make sure that the water pressure is at least 2, 5 PSI. In case the pressure is below this level, then the device cannot even be ignited. The maximum altitude at which you can use this heater is 2000 feet. The manufacturers warn you that the top of the unit and the exhaust may get very hot. So it is your responsibility to check whether there are any flammable objects near the heater.


  • This is one of the best water heating products available on the market that can be used outdoors.
  • Thanks to a special combustion technology, this unit operate very quietly.
  • It is the same combustion technology that ensures low gas consumption and makes the device an energy-saving option.
  • As the heater is designed to work outdoors, it is equipped with several safety systems.


  • It appears that the instructions given in the manual are not related to the front dials of the unit. So you may find it a bit difficult at first to operate the heater.

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