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Fleck 9100SXT 96,000 Grain Dual Tank Water Softener Review

It is now time to move into the “upper” category where we will meet a water softener set of extraordinary proportions. This next unit is the largest one you will find on our list and it can really handle some heavy-duty business.

Main Properties

Fleck 9100SXT 96,000 Grain Dual Tank Water SoftenerThe key thing to mention here is that you get 2 tanks. Those dual alternating tanks will give you top class help when it comes to softening water as they get to share the load between one another. But the big thing is truly the capacity. You get two tanks with 96 000 grain capacity each. Not all together but each!

Another good news is that even though the processing of your water is thorough, the flow rate will be pretty strong. It stands at 20 GPM at maximum meaning that even when you flush the softener, it will be quick. However, you get 3 cubic feet of resin in each tank. That’s 6 cubic feet in total. Yep, it’s heavy.

Also, let’s not forget about the presence of the Fleck 9100sxt. This presents you with a great opportunity to freely control your softener. The Fleck digital metered head will give you a lot of efficiencies too. Having such a high-quality LCD display with touch controls is a marvelous advantage.

What Does It Remove?

Since we are talking about resin here, you will be happy to find out that ions that cause hard water are all removed. That’s not all, because scale buildup will also be removed. All the essentials of soft water are definitely covered when you opt for the Fleck 9100sxt Dual Tank Water Softener.

The resin will also help you just a little bit when it comes to iron removal. You will barely feel it but it still one of the properties. Typical sediment is not well-handled because this is a salt cartridge and if you want extra filtration, you should mount such a device before the softener.

The Contents of the Set

The box contains all the necessary things for you to install the unit. It has to be noted here that this is definitely not a space-saving product. The two huge tanks will take up a lot of room. They are each 36 inches tall. The Brine tank can also hold 10 packets of salt. Everything about this reliable softener is huge.

There is a bypass valve included but you wouldn’t expect to have it any other way. The on-demand flow meter is also easily attached and the resin comes pre-loaded. Be careful – it is heavy to be lifted.

What to Expect

The device will regenerate depending on the water used and not the timer. That’s a really beneficial characteristic because it all depends on your consumption. The resin itself should last at least 5 years before having to replace it. 5 years is also the warranty you will get on the head.

On the other hand, the tanks come with a 10-year warranty ensuring many years of safe operation. When you get the unit, you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Waterfiltermag’s water softener buying guide helps you learn about which softener system will work best for your needs.


  • Big capacity – 96 000 grain capacity for each tank!
  • The flow rate is strong – 20 GPM is what you can have at the maximum rate
  • Resin removes buildup and softens your water
  • Heavy duty product – it can last a long time with exceptional effectiveness
  • Fleck 9100sxt head


  • It is bulky – requires a lot of room to be installed
  • The resin is very heavy
  • Replacing the resin costs some good money

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