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Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter – Salt-Free Softener Combo

Typically, you are required to buy a whole house filter and a softener separately. Fortunately, with the Filtersmart Filter Combo, you don’t have to go through all that hassle. Instead, you can simply make a single purchase and have both devices at the same time. According to us, this qualifies as a very convenient product.

Main Properties

Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free SoftenerWhen it comes to water filtration, Filtersmart Company has teamed up with Jacobi Carbon to deliver top-class water cleansing. The carbon filter inside the tank features activated carbon from high-quality coconut shells, thus bringing us extremely pure water.

Note that the water softening system here is a salt-free one. This is an essential detail as it completely changes the way you will soften your water. This system does not require any maintenance, and you won’t need to replenish any salt in the tanks. In other words, there’s no ion exchange resin here.

This also means that your water will start flowing almost instantly (in about 5 seconds) compared to traditional water softening systems where you have to wait for about 2 minutes before you see any water come out of the spout.

What it Removes

The water filter will battle effectively all of the following:

  1. Chlorine and chloramine
  2. Volatile organic compounds
  3. Synthetic organic compounds
  4. Herbicides and pesticides

Your water will be contaminant-free and will be perfect for drinking, cooking, and washing. A slight knock on the product is that it will not remove fluoride.

The benefits of the softener are also impressive. It will not remove anything from your water but will reduce build-up inside your plumbing and appliances significantly. Even calcium and magnesium (the two minerals that make your water hard water) are going to remain in there. However, they’ll be in a suspended state.

The revolutionary water softening technology here will not remove anything from your water but will instead break the ions into tiny nanocrystals. Thus, any “sticking” is prevented, and you enjoy clean appliances and dishes.

The Contents of the Set and Installation

Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener Combo - FS1500The set obviously comes with the two tanks we already mentioned. There is also a pre-filter system that comes with the set so that all the fine sediment can be removed before the water reaches the tanks.

It is not the carbon filter’s job nor the softener to remove sediment. They have to focus on the chemicals.

Additionally, you get a mounting bracket which will allow you to install the whole system at a convenient place. A bypass valve is also included.

However, you will not find an O-ring in the box, and there’s also no plastic wrench to tighten the bracket. All of these will need to be purchased separately.

The installation of the water softener has to take place right on the main water line for the house. The process is not laborious, and if you have general plumbing skills, you will be able to install it yourself. You must remember not to install the system outdoors if your temperatures drop below zero.

What to Expect

The primary thing that has to be kept in mind with this unit is the space you need. The manufacturer produces the set in two sizes:

  • 12 GPM systems that will be able to cover 1 to 3-bathroom homes. The size of one tank is 9 x 48 inches here.
  • 15 GPM systems. These are more powerful, will cover 4-6 bathrooms and will come at a size of 10 x 54 inches

The pre-filter has to be replaced once every 7-9 months. It could survive longer, but it depends on how often you use it and the level of sediment you have in your water.

The carbon media will last for about 5 years or 1,000,000 gallons. The water softener requires virtually no maintenance. Don’t forget to flush the filter the first time you use it. The tanks and the valve heads come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • A combo system that will filter and soften your water
  • Top-quality tanks with a lifetime guarantee
  • The containers come in two sizes giving you versatility when picking up the spot for installation
  • The carbon media is of the highest quality – Jacobi Carbon


  • The pre-filter requires a somewhat regular change
  • The system will not improve the pH levels of your water

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