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Filtersmart FS1000 Review – (1 Million Gallon)

Thanks to the top-notch activated carbon technology, the FilterSmart Whole House filter is a perfect addition to any household. The longevity of this unit is truly impressive, but it has to be noted that the unit also has plenty of other merits.

Main Properties

Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter FS1000There are two main sizes of tanks. The first one is 9 x 48 inches. The whole system comes to about 52 inches of height. This whole house water filter will give you a flow rate of about 12 GPM. This is an above-average rate, and it shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when we talk about taking a shower.

However, you can still opt for a larger system which will give you a flow rate of 15 MPG.

Another essential part of the deal is the material of the tanks. This filtration system features high-spun fiberglass tanks. They are American-made and come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, the tanks have passed all NSF regulations.

The most important thing to discuss, however, is the carbon that is used within the system. FilterSmart works closely with Jacobi, and this is where they get their carbon from. This carbon is a top quality one, and it originates from delicate coconut shells. Professionals monitor the whole process of the steam activation of the carbon at Jakobi.

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What Does It Remove?

The effectiveness of the set is what users are most concerned about. So here’s what the FilterSmart can do for the quality of your water.

The most distinguished contaminant that has no place in your water is chlorine. Once you get rid of the chlorine in your drinking water, you will notice a significant improvement in the taste and odor of the water. Additionally, this filtration system will rid you of:

  • Pesticides
  • Industrial Solvents
  • Chloramine
  • Herbicides
  • VOCs
  • SOCs

Another essential thing to mention is that the unit will not add anything to your water. It will only preserve all the beneficial minerals which are already present in it.

The Contents of the Set

We already mentioned the tank size and materials. So you get that. Also, the set includes a sediment pre-filter. It comes with its housing along with a mounting bracket. The role of this pre-filter is crucial as it will remove all the larger particles from your water, allowing the carbon filter to take care of the chemicals.

There is also a bypass valve together with 1-inch male connectors. The rest will have to be purchased separately.

What to Expect

You can expect the installation to be the same as any other whole house filtration system. We recommend that you hire a professional to do it if you aren’t confident about dealing with the bypass valve and the water lines of your house.

An upside is that the filter can be installed outside. But it depends on the climate you live in. If the temperatures go below zero frequently, then it is not very smart to have your system outside.

You can also expect your water to become cleaner. It will make your skin feel softer, and your hair will look healthier. Additionally, using filtered water for cooking is a great idea.

The life of the system (specifically the carbon) is about 1,000,000 gallons of water. This is why the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty. The sediment pre-filter, however, should be changed at least once per year. Its lifespan is about 8-10 months.

The FilterSmart unit can be combined with all sorts of other filtration devices such as water softeners and reverse osmosis systems too.


  • Reliable – will last you a lifetime
  • The unit isn’t hard to install
  • Removes almost all chemical contaminants from your water
  • Top class coconut carbon filter – made by Jakobi.


  • May need to maintain stainless steel covers for shine in outdoor installations
  • Larger tanks could take up more space

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