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DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Review

Here we have a model from the company DuPont. It comes with a filter that can treat 100 gallons. However, when it’s time to replace it, there’s an option that can treat up to 200 gallons. The product’s housing is made from plastic and has a chrome finish.

The chrome finish on this unit gives it an elegant look, and you can rest assured that it will look good in your kitchen regardless of its design.

It comes at a reasonable price and filters a lot of contaminants and water impurities. We can say this product is good value for money. Also, the filter it comes with has a decent life expectancy. This DuPont water filters will give you a pleasant experience and at a low cost.


DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water FilterWith this DuPont faucet water filter, you can expect to get an improved water taste. Also, any unpleasant odor is eliminated. You may even see that the filtered water flowing is much clearer in the glass than your regular tap water.

What is more, this product has Microban Antimicrobial protection which is built-in in the cartridge housing. This enhances filter life and the product’s performance.

So here is what this product can get remove from your tap water chlorine, cysts, linden, sediment, benzene, mercury, asbestos, and lead.

This product has a flow rate of 0.5, which isn’t that much. It reduces the water flow, but so do most if not all faucet mount water filers. It takes about 6-8 seconds to fill a standard glass. However, that’s not really important when you know you’re drinking much healthier and cleaner water than you would without the product.

Luckily, like most products of this type, this DuPont unit has a valve that helps you switch from filtered to unfiltered tap water. This way, if you need to fill a large saucepan or a bucket with water, you can use the faster flowing unfiltered tap water.


This product easily attaches to standard kitchen faucets or bathroom faucets. An advantage to this system is that the package includes one faucet mount, a high capacity faucet mount filter, two adapters, two washers, and a small roll of plumbing tape. There’s nothing else that you need to find to set up the unit on your kitchen faucet.

Overall, the installation is simple and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. If it leaks, try tightening the unit a little bit more, and that should fix the problem.

This water filter delivers good-tasting and odorless water. What is more, this model has a long warranty period, so if anything is wrong with it, you can get the unit replaced.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 12,2 ounces

Height: 5,75 inches

Length: 5,5 inches

Width: 2,62 inches

Colors: Chrome

Filter life: 3 months


  • This DuPont water filter has three years warranty.
  • Replacement cartridges are easily found. Plus, they are very affordable.
  • It removes organic and inorganic compounds from the water.
  • Easy no-hassle returns if the unit is defective.
  • The antimicrobial feature doesn’t allow for bacteria build-up inside of the cartridge.


  • It doesn’t filter fluoride or arsenic.
  • The filter cartridges are not recyclable.

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