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Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher Review – BPA Free + With 1 Filter

The Brita 10 cup water filter pitcher comes in many colors so you can assert it with your kitchen’s design. Brita is one of the biggest water filter manufacturers, and their filter cartridges are very efficient and easy to change.


This is one of the most popular water filter pitcher models available today. The filter is built with BPA-free plastic and its ergonomic design will allow you to lift it, fill it, and fit it in the refrigerator without any problems.

One of the advantages of using this water filter is the electronic filter change indicator. This unit uses long-lasting filters, and you should only change them once they filter 40 gallons of water, or even more sometimes. The electronic indicator will notify you when the filters need changing, so you won’t have to memorize any dates.

The filters have to be changed after filtering 40 gallons of water, which means roughly once every two months. This means that a single filter will replace approximately 300 16.9 ounce plastic bottles in the meantime.

The water filter is also very effective at removing the contaminants in your water. They will remove chlorine, zinc, mercury, copper, cadmium, and more contaminants, providing a clean and healthy water.


Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Filter PitcherBrita is one of the largest water filter manufacturers, so it’s only normal for their filter cartridges to be very efficient. The cartridges are built in layers, each layer filtering out separate contaminants.

When the water enters the filter cartridge, it first passes through two mesh screens. The first screen will remove the larger contaminants in the water, like rust, debris, sand, and dirt, while the second one will remove the other smaller contaminants.

After the water passes the mesh screens, it will encounter ion-exchange beads. These beads are filled with sodium ions, and when the magnesium and calcium in the water touch them, they release the sodium and trap the other minerals. This process makes the water softer, and it also removes come from its contaminants.

An activated carbon filter will remove most of the remaining contaminants in the water, including heavy metals, chlorine, and all the foul tastes and odors.

These cartridge filters are very effective and they will remove a lot of contaminants, including but not limited to chlorine, copper, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. Without the contaminants, the tap water will taste better, it will be more alkaline, cleaner, and healthier.

Filter Longevity

Even though Brita produces great water filters, they won’t last long. The manufacturer instructions state that you should change the filters once every two months or once they’ve filtered 40 gallons of water.

However, with an average consumption of 2 gallons per day, a household of 4 might have to change the filters once every 20 days, so in about three weeks’ time. This is a short period, and it might be inconvenient to change the filters so often, even if changing them is not difficult.

In addition, this water filter pitcher only comes with a single filter cartridge, so you might have to make a new investment in as little as 20 days.

This model relies on a light sensor to keep track of when you have to change the filters. The sensor counts the number of times the lid is opened for a refill, so make sure you empty the pitcher before opening the lid. Otherwise, you might get some false results, making you change the filter more frequently than you actually have to. The light sensor turns yellow when the filters approach their maximum filtering capacity, and red when they reach it.

Pitcher Capacity

This pitcher has a maximum capacity of 10 cups or approximately 0.6 gallons. This is a medium-capacity, larger than some models but smaller than others.

However, some customers complain that the pitcher has a faulty design. The lid comes off easily, and this can lead to spillage. This can also affect the water’s purity if the lid comes off when you refill the filter because tap water can enter the filtered water tank.

Some customers have also complained that the pitcher is heavy even when it’s empty. This can be problematic for some people.


  • Medium Container – This unit has a container which can hold the equivalent of up to 10 cups of water. This means you won’t have to refill the unit too frequently.
  • Filter Change Sensor – This model uses a light sensor to notify you when it’s time to change the filters. If you empty the filtered water container before every refill, the sensor is pretty accurate.


  • Lid Falls Off – You have to keep in mind that you have to hold the lid in place every time you pour. Otherwise, the lid will fall off and you might spill the water. This is also a problem when you’re refilling because unfiltered water can enter the filtered water tank.
  • Takes Up Some Space – Even though this model doesn’t have a very large capacity, it manages to take up more space than larger units.

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