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Brita COMINHKR063772 Review

This white Brita faucet mount water filter can deliver you up to 100 gallons of water. With it, you can save money on over 750 plastic water bottles. The housing on this product is made of BPA-free plastic. Also, it is one of the smallest on our list. This product doesn’t take up much space, and it isn’t an eyesore. Regardless of your kitchen design, this faucet filter will look well.

You may have heard about Brita, who are giants in creating water filtration systems and products. This great faucet mount filter is no exception to their quality yet affordable models. If your tap water is mildly polluted, you will love this faucet mount filter.


Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter SystemThis product is one of the few that has a filter life indicator. There’s a light on it which changes from green, yellow and red. The green means that the filter is ok to use. When the light turns yellow, you should know that the replacement time is coming. And when it turns red, you should change it.

What is a big advantage of this product is the fact that unlike other filters, this one doesn’t slow down the water flow rate.

The filter has a layer that stops all sediments and small impurities. The second part of the filter removes the contaminants. You can put an end to the smelly and unpleasant tap water if you use this product. You will drink tastier and healthier water, plus you will be saving money in the long run.

With a helpful diverter, you may alternate between using the system or not. This option helps prolong the life of the filter.


You can install the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System on any standard faucet. The connector on the unit is plastic, and a bit short, which may make it a bit irritating to some people. For people with less experience and patience, it can be annoying to set the Brita filter up. But if you don’t have an issue with that, then to you, the installation will seem like a piece of cake. In less than ten minutes, your water filter can be ready to use.

The filter replacement takes only one click. You have to change the filter when it reaches 100 gallons of water or when four months have passed, whichever is first. However, you don’t need to keep track of time or count the gallons. There’s a helpful light indicator to tell you when to do it.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 17,6 ounces

Height: 8,25 inches

Length: 6 inches

Width: 2,38 inches

Colors: White

Filter life: 4 months


  • This Brita water filtration system reduces up to 60 common water contaminants.
  • There are three spray options: filtered water, unfiltered water, and unfiltered spray.
  • Also, the filter can eliminate up to 99% of lead.
  • It traps asbestos.
  • The unit increases water flow.
  • There’s a built-in filter indicator for when it’s time to replace it.


  • Doesn’t fit pull-out and spray style faucets.
  • The light indicator may stop working rather quickly.

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