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Brita 36092 Metro Review – Small Plastic Water Filtration Pitcher


The Brita 36092 Metro Pitcher is a 5-cup pitcher with a total capacity of 2L. This is the recommended amount of water that an adult person should consume per day. Thus, a family of more than two people will need to refill the pitcher quite often. The time required for the tap water to pass through the filter and go into the pitcher is roughly 5 minutes.

Although the pitcher is smaller than a 10-cup model, the slim design gives it the advantage of fitting anywhere on your counter or in the fridge. It is difficult to say how much a single filter will last because it depends on the number of times the pitcher is being refilled based on the frequency of usage. That is why the pitcher has an LCD filter replacement indicator which counts the number of pours to notify you once the filter needs to be changed.

For the filter to work as expected, you have to make sure that the installation goes as required. When inserting the filter, please remember to align the longest indentation in the side of the filter with the groove in the hole of the reservoir. Then press down firmly to ensure a snug fit. Note that you will have to take the whole lid off to pour water down the tank. The reservoir is removable. Then you can hand-wash the base, lid, and reservoir with mild detergent. Dishwashing is not compatible with this product.


  • Brita 36092 Metro PitchersFilters

    This model is compatible with the standard Brita filters, one of which comes with the pitcher upon delivery. The functions of the Brita filters include eliminating chlorine smell and elements, as well as eliminating other harmful particles: copper, cadmium, and mercury found in our tap water. The Longlast filter reduces the amount of lead in the water.
    The filter has a charcoal filter that might leave black residue in the water if you do not use the pitcher properly. Before you begin drinking the water, wash the reservoir by hand. Then, run water for two full pitchers through the filter and pour it down the sink. Once this is done, you can pour a new dose of water which will be fully filtered. Make sure that the filter sits tightly in the reservoir.
    Although the filter does a good job, we do not recommend that you use it in countries where the tap water is extremely polluted. The filter will not be able to destroy the whole range of bacteria. Use the Brita pitcher with municipally-treated water.

  • Filter Longevity

    The pitcher is equipped with an electric timer that detects the number of pours and based on that it figures out whether you need to change your filter or not. Usually, you wouldn’t need to replace the filter for at least four months. However, that depends on the amount of water you consume and on the numbers of the family members.
    The LCD filter indicator battery should last approximately five years and is non-replaceable. Such a failure does not mean you will need to replace the whole pitcher. After so many years you will be able to tell when you should replace the filter.

  • Pitcher Capacity

    The Brita 36092 Metro Pitcher can filter water for 5 cups at a time. This amount equals 2L of water. If a person drinks 2L of water per day, then a family of four would have to refill the pitcher four times a day.
    It takes about five minutes for a dose of water to be thoroughly filtered. The filter process slows down toward the end because the water filtering down is displacing water already in the lower portion of the container.

Here’s what to look for if you want to buy the best water filtration pitcher possible.


  • Slim shape – The Brita pitcher is designed to fit in a crowded fridge, on the fridge door, or in a limited space on the counter.
  • Filter replacement indicator – This feature allows you to lay back and not think about the time when you should change the filter. The indicator will count the number of pours and notify you when the time has come.
  • Easy to install – As long as you press the filter firmly into the designated spot in the reservoir, you will not have problems with installation. Wash the parts before putting them together.


  • Weight – In spite of the slim shape, the 5-cup pitcher is still relatively heavy when full.
  • Lid – The difficulty is the weakest spot of the pitcher. Not only that you will have to lift the whole thing to pour water down the tank, but it is also an unstable element. It is challenging to put it on and off.

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