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BOKYWOX Food Grade Automatic Booster Review


The BOKYWOX pump is one of the most popular and adjustable recirculating pump models available on the market. One of the reasons for this is that it is an automatic circulation pump. This means that it can auto-start when you open the faucet, and it can also auto stop when you close the tap. There is also an option for manual operation.

Another essential feature of this product is that it is highly efficient, and at the same time, it is characterized by low consumption of energy. The fact that it consumes less power than similar products makes it an environmentally- friendly option, which many people prefer.

The pump also features high-temperature resistance – it can resist up to 212 F high fluid temperature. There are built-in high sensitive electronic sensors that give the pump signals when to start and when to stop the running water.

What Does It Do?

BOKYWOX 120W 110V Food Grade Automatic Booster PumpThis BOKYWOX pump provides a high flow of water for all kinds of city buildings, villas, and suburban houses. If you are interested in statistics and numbers – the minimum water flow is 21Lpm (liters per minute). In other words, the pump is so powerful that it can be connected even to tankless water heaters. In addition to this, it can be used to circulate water in boilers, air conditioners, and solar systems. Thanks to its performance parameters, this product can be applied to most of our household heating appliances. You can connect this unit to both electric and gas water heaters. A definite benefit is that the pump can pass water even when there is no power. Also, it can be used to circulate both hot and cold water.

Unlike other products from the same class, this one can be used directly into drinking water pipelines. However, this doesn’t mean that it can be applied for potable water.

Keep in mind that the shaft should be installed and kept horizontally. Another thing to take into account is the fact that this pump is not self-priming. So it is your responsibility to make sure that all air is out of the system. You shouldn’t run the product empty – check if there is water in the pump before you switch it on.

The Content of the Set

  • A water circulation pump;
  • A product manual;

Keep in mind that the fittings needed to attach the pump to your house plumbing system are not included.

The temperature and check valves are also not included. So you need to buy them additionally.


Voltage: 115 volts

Rated power: 120W

Weight: 6, 53 pounds

Dimensions: 9, 02 x 7, 28 x 5, 79 inches

Color: Automatic red

Material: Cast iron, PP, ceramics

What to Expect?

The first thing that you will notice about this unit is that it is easy to install. You won’t have to pay a plumber to do it – you just need to use a wrench to attach the pump to the pipeline. Once you mount the unit, there won’t be any need for further maintenance of the pump. Moreover, you will also find it handy to operate. There is a control knob with which you turn the pump on and off and even switch between the automatic and the manual options.

Since the pump features leak-tightness, you can be sure that there won’t be any leakage. Like most of the other similar products, this one also operates very quietly. To be exact, the sound level of this system is less than 45db.


  • This pump can operate automatically and manually. If you prefer the automatic option, the unit will start and stop by itself when you open or close the faucet.
  • Most people prefer this product because it is highly efficient and, at the same time, budget and eco-friendly as it consumes very little energy.
  • The system is easy to install and operate, and it doesn’t require any maintenance. So you won’t waste your money on plumbers and maintenance experts.
  • Thanks to its leak-tightness, this pump doesn’t have any leakage.


  • Even though the pump can be applied directly to drinking water pipelines, it cannot be used for potable water.
  • After you install it, the water may taste like lubricating oil. However, this disappears in a short time.

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