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7 Best Shallow Well Pumps – (Reviews & Guide 2021)

When you are living in a big city, you do not have to worry about your water supply: it comes directly from the tap. However, when you are living in a rural area, things are a bit more problematic – in the sense that your only source of water is a shallow well. In most cases, people use buckets to get the water out – a process that may prove to be very annoying and time-consuming.

So, what do we do in order to skip this unnerving process? Well, we go for the best shallow well pump. These pumps are very convenient, as they can draw out the water from the well and take it directly where you need it – no matter if it is in your house or on the field.

However, for you to find the perfect unit for your home, you will have to read some shallow well pump reviews. To give an example, while each pump is efficient in its own way, the same pump that works so well for Bob may not work so well for Jack. We will take all the factors into consideration so that you get only the best model for your purposes.

Best Shallow Well Pumps Comparison Chart

Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump

Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 9.9 x 8.8″
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Horsepower: 0.5 HP
  • PSI: 30-50 PSI
  • Pumping Levels: 5 feet to 25 feet
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WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 11″
  • Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Horsepower: 0.5 HP
  • PSI: 30-50 PSI
  • Pumping Levels: up to 25 feet
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BURCAM 506547SS Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump System

BURCAM 506547SS Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump System

    • Price: $$$$
    • Dimensions: 19.5 x 11.5 x 22″
    • Weight: 24 pounds
    • Horsepower: 0.75 HP
    • PSI: 30/50 PSI
    • Pumping Levels: 25 feet
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Acquaer SJC075 Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Acquaer SJC075 Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 8.2 x 7.1″
  • Weight: 27.4 pounds
  • Horsepower: 0.75 HP
  • PSI: 30/50 PSI
  • Pumping Levels: up to 25 feet
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ECO-FLO Products EFCWJ10 Deep Water Well Jet Pump

ECO-FLO Products EFCWJ10 Deep Water Well Jet Pump

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 11.2 x 12.6″
  • Weight: 40.7 pounds
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
  • PSI: 56 PSI
  • Pumping Levels: 20 feet
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Red Lion PWJET50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion PWJET50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 13.9 x 8.4″
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Horsepower: 0.5 HP
  • PSI: up to 50 psi
  • Pumping Levels: 25 feet or less
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Best Shallow Well Pump Reviews – Top-Picks

1. Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump

Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet PumpMany people see this unit as one of the most efficient shallow well pumps, as well as the most convenient one. Why? Because it’s the install-and-forget kind of pump. Once you install it, it will automatically do its job. You will forget that it’s even there.

This shallow well pump can have its flow set based on the depth of the well – going from 5 feet to 25 feet. The maximum shut-off pressure is at 63 PSI, meaning that its overheat protection will prevent it from getting damaged at the motor.

At a ½ HP, the motor is quite reliable – and since it features a cast iron casing, it is also expected to last for quite a long time. Plus, at a 60 Hz frequency, the motor is so quiet that you will barely even hear it running. You’ll likely only hear the water running – and you will hear the pump only if you are standing right next to it.


  • Reliable motor with overheating protection that is expected to run for quite a long time
  • It runs quietly to the point that you probably won’t even notice it pumping water
  • The shaft has been solidly built, preventing any premature damage from occurring.


  • Some reviewers say that the pressure switch is fragile and will not last for a long time
  • The pumping depth is rather small for some people

2. WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

WAYNE SWS50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet PumpWayne has come up with many high-quality pumps – this unit being one of them. Since it was very well built, it is expected to last for years. Moreover, it is even covered by a 3-year warranty to ensure that you get the most of this unit.

This device can pump around 420 gallons per hour, which is a great choice if you have 6-8 appliances attached to the pump. Plus, the motor is very quiet, meaning that you will not disturb your neighbors even if you set it straight in your backyard.


  • Since the unit can pump quite a lot of water, it is perfect for household irrigation
  • The unit can be installed quick and easy, and the instruction manual is also very detailed
  • The pump runs very quietly, and you will usually have no issue with the noise


  • Some reviewers say that the motor is not very long-lasting
  • It does not feature a switch for low suction

3. BURCAM 506547SS Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump System

BURCAM 506547SS Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump SystemIf you are looking for a high-quality shallow well pump that will last you through the years, then this unit made from stainless steel is certainly going to make the cut. Designed for both intermittent and continuous use, it can lift water from as low as 25 feet using its 2/4 HP motor.

Since it was made from stainless steel instead of the traditional cast iron, this one is more corrosion resistant compared to other units. Plus, it is relatively quiet, and unless you are listening carefully, you might not even know that this unit is running.


  • Attractive design that will not make you feel the need to hide it every time guests come by.
  • It’s running very quietly, and most of the time you will not even notice it
  • It is very durable, and the casing will prevent any damage in the long run


  • Some users still complain about corrosion on the motor housing
  • The instruction manual focuses on the pump – and not the entire unit

4. Acquaer SJC075 Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Acquaer SJC075 Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet PumpIf you are looking for something more powerful, then this unit is certainly the one for you. At ¾ HP and a flow rate that can reach 900 gallons per hour, this might be a very useful choice if you have more appliances connected to your water pump.

Made from durable cast iron, this unit is very durable. Along with its two-year warranty, you may rest assured that it will last for quite a long time.

Moreover, it takes less than one minute for the entire tank to fill up with water completely. Plus, since the flow is high, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of water. This is also obvious, particularly since there is a low chance of you using ALL the fixtures at the same time.


  • A high flow rate that allows you to connect quite a number of fixtures
  • It is fairly compact and is very straightforward to install
  • It is durable and will generally function well over its warranty, according to the users
  • The water tank fills very quickly, and you will never run out of water


  • It is rather loud compared to other similar models
  • You have to purchase a pressurized tank separately

5. ECO-FLO Products EFCWJ10 Deep Water Well Jet Pump

ECO-FLO Products EFCWJ10 Deep Water Well Jet PumpThose of you looking for a well-priced shallow well pump that can go as low as 20 feet might certainly benefit from this unit. With a 1 HP motor and a water flow of 20 GPM, you get enough pumping action to irrigate an entire medium-sized house.

With its black cast iron shell, this unit is certainly meant to last through the ages. Plus, with that in mind, the unit performs quietly – which is good news for your neighbors. Moreover, if you install it in an enclosed and isolated “housing,” this will not even be an issue.


  • The construction is simple, and it is very easy to install once you read through the instruction manual
  • It functions quietly and you will barely even hear it pumping the water
  • It can handle quite a high amount of water per minute, meaning that you are unlikely to run out of fresh water.


  • It does not come with a pressure switch, so you will have to install one yourself
  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the casing

6. Red Lion PWJET50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion PWJET50 Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet PumpThose looking for a shallow well pump that provides great value for its price might want to look into this product. With its ½ motor and its ability to pump water at a 25-foot depth, you can easily supply every large house, cabin, or farm with fresh water.

Featuring a cast iron construction, this heavy-duty unit can withstand all kinds of abuse – meaning that it will be very durable in the long run. Plus, the diffuser and the glass-filled thermoplastic impeller will ensure that you have good water flow along with overall high performance.


  • Durable construction that will not break even after years of continuous use and exposure to the elements
  • It can efficiently pump a fair amount of water, preventing you from ever running out of freshwater
  • The parts that are damageable are easily replaced
  • It is very easy to install as long as you carefully read the instructions


  • Some users have complained that the pump is very noisy
  • The pressure switch is apparently quite weak and needs its spring replaced every so often

7. Flotec FP4012-10 Shallow Well Pump Jet

Flotec FP4012-10 Shallow Well Pump JetThis shallow well pump is well-deserving of a spot in this list due to its performance and its ability to lift from a 25-foot depth. Made from durable thermoplastic, this unit is very lightweight, and you will not have to worry about not being able to lift it whenever needed.

When it comes to its capacity, this unit can pull 10 gallons of water per minute at 40 PSI, making it overall quite powerful. It also features a dust-proof cover that is meant to protect it from outside factors such as dirt or insects.


  • It is very resistant to corrosion thanks to its thermoplastic construction
  • The motor is well-insulated and protected from overheating
  • It works perfectly for depths going as low as 25 feet
  • The instructions are straightforward and very easy to use


  • Since the pump is mainly made from plastic, it can be a bit noisy
  • Some customers complained that the product is not as good as the previous models sold by this brand

Shallow Well Pump Buying Guide

Before buying a shallow well, there are several factors that you might want to consider. This will ensure that the pump is “tailored” around your well and that it is worth your investment in the long run.

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Shallow Well Pump

  • Capacity

    Based on the capacity of the well, you will have to determine whether the pump you have chosen will be able to handle the water depth. For instance, if it’s less than 25 feet, then a shallow well should be more than enough. However, if it goes deeper than 20 feet, you should go for a deep well pump – and a submersible one if it’s more than 100 feet deep. Thus, sizing a well pump correctly is important

    Also, if you have a four-bedroom home, you may need a pump that can produce at least 8-12 gallons of water per minute (GPM) – but this will also depend on how much water you use in the household. To determine that number, count how many fixtures you have in your home – and assume each fixture uses 1 GPM. As a result, if there are 9 fixtures in the house, you will require a 9 GPM pump. If the pump you are looking at is showing gallons per hour instead of gallons per minute, then you might want to take that number and multiply it by 60.

  • Thermal Protection

    This factor is very important, as it might offer your pump a longer life. At the same time, it will stop the motor when it reaches a certain temperature so as to prevent overheating. Engines can easily heat up due to the soil in them, and they may easily be over-burdened. They may also overheat as a result of anything that keeps them from functioning smoothly.

  • Noise Produced

    Think about this aspect: you’ll be drawing water quite often in your home. Whether it’s to take a shower, wash the dishes, or simply drink a glass of water, you will have to use the pump to draw water out from the well.

    Now imagine that the shallow well pump you have bought is very loud, and the noise that it creates is similar to a plane flying right above you. It’s quite annoying for this to happen every time you are in the mood to drink a glass of water, right? Not to mention the neighbors that will probably hate you.
    This is why you need to choose a unit that is fairly quiet. This way, it will be much easier for you to keep it around the house – and you will not be driven insane by the noise.

  • Material

    This is something that many people seem to ignore, but really shouldn’t. Most pumps are made out of metal and steel parts, which are quite durable – but there are also manufacturers that make them from thermoplastic polymer.

    Granted, those are cheaper – and while they may not be such a terrible thing, they are still more inclined to break and need maintenance. If you want something with higher durability, then you might want to get a unit made from higher quality materials.

  • Dirt Protection

    One obvious thing is that since your pump will be staying next to your well, outside the house, it will be at the mercy of the elements. It will be exposed to dirt, rain – and then even more dirt.

    Here, you have two options: first, you can build or buy a “house” for it – something that can protect it from the dirt. On the other hand, if you do not have such intentions, you might want to get one of those that are advertised as dustproof. There are several manufacturers that sell pumps from that category.

  • Pressure Gauge and Switch

    In the past, pumps did not have pressure switches – but as most new models have one now, it’s one less thing to worry about. In the event that you get one without pressure switches and gauges, you might want to consider buying them separately. However, for most units, the pressure can be balanced by simply turning the pump’s nut.

  • Warranty

    When you pay so much for a product, you want to make sure that you get some insurance along with it. What if the product breaks two days after your purchase and it’s not even your fault? Or what if the product wears down before you even get the chance to use it?

    This is why you need to ensure that your item comes with a good warranty. The longer it is, the better. Typically, these products will have a one or two-year warranty – but there are also manufacturers that offer lengthier warranties than that. You also need to read the fine print before purchasing – to check exactly what parts are covered by the warranty. Read through some reviews, and see which parts are more likely to break over time. If the warranty is long enough and covers that part, then it is should be safe for you to make the purchase.

  • Power Source

    You might also want to consider the power source to which you will connect your shallow well pump. Most of these units can be used with the standard 120-volt outlets that you may find in most American homes – but there are also those that can only be used on 240-volt outlets. Make sure that you won’t have to change your entire electric circuits or purchase new adapters just to get your pump going.

Shallow Well Pumps vs. Submersible Pumps

While shallow well pumps and submersible pumps are two different things, many people still seem to mistake one for the other and use the terms interchangeably. To make things easier for you to understand, here are the two put into perspective.

  • Shallow Well Pumps

    If you have a well that is 25 feet deep or less, then you might want to use a shallow well pump. These pumps aren’t submersible – but they are still very effective. You generally have many options to choose from – but regardless of your choice, the pump will remain outside the well. This also makes the well pump very easy to replace.

    These pumps work on suctioning power – and as a result, they are practically siphoning the water. This is why these pumps have also received the name of jet pumps. The power is taken from a jetting mechanism, which will increase the water flow rate and pressure. These pumps will also be equipped with a check valve that will prevent the water from flowing out of the well.

  • Submersible Pumps

    As their name suggests, submersible pumps are submersed into wells that go at least 90 feet below the surface. A more advanced submersible well pump may even reach as low as several hundred feet. That will depend on the well that you have, though. This is why you should always measure the depth of your well.

    Unlike shallow well pumps, submersible pumps do not siphon the water from the well. Instead, these units use impellers. Plus, even if the water level changes, their performance will not be affected. You may find different kinds of submersible pumps – but overall, the way they function is almost the same. Without surprise, they have higher durability compared to shallow well pumps – but for wells that are smaller than 25 feet, these pumps are costly overkill.

    Plus, since submersible pumps are placed inside the well, you will have to bring them up if any damage occurs to them. Needless to say, submersible pumps will cost you much more compared to a classic shallow well pump.

Long story short, unless your well goes really deep, you will not need a submersible pump. In these cases, a shallow pump would be a much more practical option, as it can last you for years while doing its job perfectly.

Why Do You Need Shallow Well Pumps?

Best Shallow Well PumpsA good shallow well pump should be able to bring the water up, allowing you to actually use it. That being said, do not let the term “shallow” fool you. These pumps can bring out water from depths as big as 20 feet – or even more if you choose the right model.
You may use these pumps both in and around the house. For instance, you may install it so that it brings water into your kitchen – or you may connect it to sprinklers so that it automatically waters your garden. Some farms actually use them industrial-wise to water their fields or to bring water to their commercial enterprises.

Nowadays, shallow pumps have become quite sophisticated. You may easily use them in industrial plumbing, slurry plumbing – and all-purpose plumbing in general. You may also rely on these units for drainage and sewage plumbing.

However, a common misconception about these units is that their functionality is limited – that they only work with shallow wells. That is not particularly true. Since they can reach as low 25 feet (as mentioned, depending on the model), you may use them for light and medium work as well.
Granted, they aren’t in the same league as larger pumps. However, for a shallow well pump, it definitely gets the job done. If you need something for drilling tests and irrigation, then you may want to get a more advanced unit.

Advantages of Owning a Shallow Well Pump

Shallow Well Pump ReviewsShallow well pumps have their own perks that you might want to consider. If you are not entirely certain whether you need a shallow well pump or not, here are a few reasons that might make you want to hit that “Order” button right this instant.

  • As the product descriptions and the user reviews say, these pumps may reach as low as 25 feet. You may also adjust their setting until it gets to a lower depth.
  • They can maintain the water pressure properly so that you get a clear and steady PSI.
  • They are available widely and are also very easy to install.
  • Shallow well pumps make it very easy for you to take water out of your well and into your house, without bothering with buckets or other troublesome means.
  • They have very powerful motors that can also handle heavy-duty work if used correctly.
  • Some models may even move up to 1000 gallons of water per hour.
  • They were made with pressure boosters, which means that you should be able to receive pressurized water in your home.
  • They have a very high quality although they require very little maintenance.
  • Most models have safety features built into them.
  • A shallow pump will make it easy for you to match supply with demand.
  • In terms of construction, these pumps are very dependable.

Provided you buy the right unit for your well, you should know that these items are versatile and may serve you greatly over the next few years. With just a little maintenance, you will get a worthy investment.

Accessories You May Get for Shallow Well Pumps

In some cases, shallow well pumps come in the package with just this: the shallow well pump. There aren’t any other accessories, so you’ll have to buy them yourself.
Some shallow well pumps may need the accessories, others might not – it depends on what you might get in the package.

However, to ensure that the pump is working at its peak performance, you might want to check the following off the list:

  • Well Pump Pressure Gauge

    With this accessory, you should be able to check the performance of your shallow well pump. It will show you exactly what PSI level it is able to reach – and it can usually go anything from 0 to 100 PSI.
    You may also go for units with a higher PSI level – but for a 25-foot shallow well, those are not really necessary. Gauges that show higher levels are only required when you are dealing with a submersible pump – but even then, they are not absolutely necessary. For a household, a maximum of 100 PSI should be more than enough.

  • Water Pressure Switch

    You will need a water pressure switch to gain some control over the water pressure of your well pump. The cutoff pressure is generally well-set, and it will activate itself in order to prevent the overheating of the unit. You may also use this switch to make some adjustments to the pressure for extra precision – but this will mostly depend on what pressure switch model you purchase.

  • Pressure Relief Valve

    A pressure relief valve is the type of accessory that you pray will never need – but if the need arises, you will thank the heavens that you decided to get one. Each pressure relief valve is set at a certain PSI level, and they are generally easy to configure and handle. Make sure that you purchase a high-quality one that will not wear out after long term use.

  • Pressure Well Tank

    When you are drawing water from the well, generally, it will not go directly into your fixtures – it will first go through the tank, then your fixtures. Once the tank starts emptying, the pump will start pumping again – bringing more water into the tank. These tanks can also be used on a top-notch water recirculating pump. Make sure that the capacity is suitable for your needs, as you may easily find tanks from 2 to 20 gallons.

  • Well Pump Foot Valve

    Well pump foot valves are also necessary to keep your well pump in peak condition, as they will help with the priming of your pump. These foot valves will also allow you to get a good flow from the pump – but you will have to ensure that you get a high-quality piece. Ideally, one that is made from stainless steel should be able to get things going.

FAQ about Shallow Well Pumps

  1. Why isn’t there any water coming out of the tank?
    When there is no water coming out of the tank, there may be two reasons for that: first, the well has dried out (not likely), and second, there is a problem with the pressure or the power of the pump. First things first, you should check the circuit breaker to ensure that it receives enough power. If it does, you might want to move on to the pressure gauge and see if there’s enough power.
  2. What is the average durability of these pumps?
    A good quality shallow well pump should be able to last for as long as 10 years or even more. However, this longevity will also depend on how well you maintain the unit. If you leave it to the mercy of the elements and never really provide any care for it, it is understandable why it would break ahead of its time. Luckily, these units only require little maintenance – and therefore, you will not have much trouble with the maintenance.
  3. Are these pumps to be installed in the well?
    No. Unless it is a submersible pump, these pumps are not to be installed in the well. You will have to place such a unit outside the well. The instructions’ manual will tell you exactly how you have to do it, so make sure that you always read the fine print.

Wrap Up

Shallow well pumps can represent a very convenient addition in your home if you live in a remote area – with no access to the standard city pipework. With the best shallow well pump, you should be able to irrigate your entire home – even if your only source of water is a well. No need to pull up water every day with a bucket.

Hopefully, our shallow well pump reviews were helpful for you, and you were able to make a choice. Granted, there are many factors to consider – and sometimes, the pump may not be the only thing that you will have to buy. However, by putting enough thought into the right product, you should be able to live more comfortably – even if you do not live in the big city.

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