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Bawell Platinum Alkaline Review

What Does It Do?

This Bawell ionizer filters water from harmful contaminants, and at the same time regulates the pH level. All of this is possible, thanks to its dual filtration system. One of the filters is in charge of eliminating all unhealthy minerals and other solids, and the other one gets rid of bacteria. Bawell has led filtration to a new level with this unit – if you are not satisfied with the work of the double filtration system, you can use the option for a third external stage. This third filter is almost as big as the unit itself, and most people put it under the sink and connect it to the cold water line. Even though this third filter is optional, it is included in the package of the unit for free.

In addition to its unique filtration abilities, this device produces one gallon of water every 30 seconds. Another positive feature is that it delivers water at a fast flow rate compared to other similar water ionizers. You can use this ionizer with all types of water. However, if your water is too hard, it is advisable to get a softener as it can extend the life of the device.

The Specs

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer MachineThe fact that the unit of this ionizer is made partly of BPA-free food-grade plastic proves that your water is safe to drink.

Thanks to a double filtration system and an electrolytic antibacterial system, this ionizer eliminates the harmful elements from the water and, at the same time, it is responsible for controlling its pH. A special digital screen shows you the level of alkalinity and acidity of the water. According to your needs, there are eight water settings for drinking, cooking, make-up removal, washing, and cleaning.

The on and off touchscreen button is also located on this screen. Interestingly enough, whenever the filter life counter approaches 5000 liters, you will be notified by a voice prompt. When you need to change the filters, read the instructions in the manual, and follow them. In short, there is a white plastic wrench that is supposed to fit around the filter. Put this wrench on and twist in the correct direction.  You may need to apply some force, and the filter will come out.

It is recommended to change the filters once a year if you have clean drinking water. However, if your water is dirty, you will probably need to use an external sediment filter to prevent the ionizer from clogging.

The Contents of the Set

  • A water ionizer machine.
  • Two filters.
  • Universal faucet adaptor connections.
  • A user’s manual.
  • A 10-minute installation DVD.

What to Expect?

Before you start installing the unit, you should know that it is designed only for countertop mounting, and it has to be connected to the faucet or the water line below the sink. The manufacturers have provided a 10-minute installation DVD that comes with the user’s manual. This device is quite easy to use after being installed, and it has proved to be very practical.

In order to achieve its highest efficiency, this ionizer needs a minimum water pressure of 20 psi. Having this in mind, we can say that well water whose pressure changes all the time is not suitable for this device.

Undoubtedly, one of the top benefits of this ionizer is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This fact shows not only that the manufacturers are very generous, but also that they are confident in the quality of their product.


  • This unit provides a fast flow rate.
  • A definite advantage of this product is that it is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Thanks to its double filtration system, this ionizer eliminates the unhealthy contaminants from the water and manages the level of pH, making your water either acidic or alkaline.
  • The machine’s voice tells you when you need to change the filters – this is very convenient as you won’t have to remember when the last time you replaced them was.


  • The instructions that come with this product are vague and not easy to understand.

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