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Aquasana Rhino Review – 1,000,000 Gallon

The Aquasana whole house water filter is a complete system in and of itself. Still, because the company specializes in all sorts of water purification products, you can make your set-up even better.

Several other whole-house water filter units and systems can be attached to this one to achieve maximum effectiveness and to customize your water filter. We will talk about all of that below.

Main Properties

Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water FilterThe unit will perform its regular water filtration duties without any problem, but customers can add a salt-free water conditioner to the system. Please note that this is not a salt-based system, and this is why it is called a conditioner and not a softener.

The salt-free technology is what sets this unit apart from its competitors of the same class. The goal here is not only to pass the water through some media but also to have half of the things removed.

With the Aquasana Whole House Filter, you get a unique formula that will alter the minerals’ structure instead of getting rid of them. After crystallization, minerals cannot bind to one another, and thus scale build-up is prevented. The best part is that no demineralization of the water will occur. And yet again, it will taste and smell better.

But let’s go back to the filtration topic. Here you have not one but two tanks through which your water passes. This increases the contact between the water and the media and yields excellent results.

What it Removes

The sediment pre-filter will attack and get rid of dirt and silt. It is an essential addition to any home that uses well water.

Next comes the copper-zinc & mineral stone tank. This is where 97% of chloramine is removed. Additionally, some heavy metals such as lead are also filtered out. The best part is that thanks to this stage, bacteria’s growth is inhibited.

An optional unit is the UV Filter. It will kill viruses and will prevent them from forming again. Additionally, this UV filter can take care of some well-known bacteria such as E.Coli.

The main tank holds the activated carbon filter. There is nothing new here. Its main task is to break down and filter out herbicides, pesticides, and some chemical compounds. The post-filter is another optional addition to your system.

The Contents of the Set

As funny as it may sound, you decide what the contents of the set really are. The basic system does not include the conditioner and the UV filter. Also, if you want to have a Pro-Grade install kit, you will need to pay for that separately too.

Still, you will be happy to find out that the bypass valve and the fittings are included.

What to Expect

The 90-day guarantee is perhaps the best customer benefit you can get. This is a no-questions-asked policy, meaning that you got three months to return the unit if you do not like it.

Needless to say, 1,000,000-gallon life is also something that tips the scales in the direction of this system. Unfortunately, you will have to change the filters relatively often. Each filter will last for a couple of months. It can also be said that the actual process of replacing the filters isn’t as straightforward.

Regardless of the components you want to have added to your system, and the height will never exceed 46 inches. You can expect to get a flow rate of about 7 GPM, which is not here nor there.


  • You have to option to add components to your system.
  • Removes a genuinely wide array of contaminants
  • Gets rid of heavy metals and sediment which makes the unit good for filtering well water
  • Long life – 1,000,000 gallons


  • Filters are due for a replacement relatively often

The pro-grade install kit does not come with the system and has to be bought separately

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