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AquaBliss 10-Cup Review – XL Water Purification Filter


We present to you the AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher. The purpose of this product is to remove some dangerous particles from the water. This model, in particular, is designed to fight with contaminants like Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Sediment. It should also take away the unpleasant odor. Thus, the water will taste better and be healthier in general.

The pitcher holds a little over half a gallon. Be careful not to overfill the top half when the bottom is already full as this will cause leaking. Fill about 2/3 of the way up the pitcher. You can pour water while the filter is still functioning but make sure that you don’t mix filtered with unfiltered water.

The regular amount of time needed to filter a doze of water is 1-2 minutes, which is relatively quick. Note that the pitcher does not make the water alkaline. It serves to balance the PH. A useful feature of the pitcher is the BPA-free plastic component. However, the plastic parts are flimsy and unstable. The cheaper material of the lid makes it difficult to fit the cover in place. However, you will not need to take the whole lid off to refill. There is a convenient flip opening.


  • AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter PitcherFilters

    The pitcher uses one filter cartridge, and it comes with a complimentary replacement filter. As already noted, it would not remove every contaminant from the tap water in your house. For example, it cannot capture the lead. That said, it will successfully remove Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Sediment, and some other unhealthy chemical elements. The filter will also remove odors to make the water more delightful to drink.
    This model does not make the water alkaline, unfortunately. You might need a different type of pitcher that performs this task.
    As mentioned above, the filter functions at a speed of 1-2 minutes. If you want to pour yourself a glass of water before the filter has stopped functioning, make sure that the top part of the pitcher is not too full. Otherwise, the unfiltered water might mix with the clean water.
    The filter comes out easily when you need to replace it. You could also use the opportunity to clean the tank to keep it in good condition. The digital countdown at the top of the unit will let you know when you need to replace the filter with a new one.

  • Filter Longevity

    A single filter has a lifespan of 4 months. However, it is essential to remember that this is not a fixed period. It all depends on how much water passes through the filter during those months. Usually, calculations say that the filter will contain 20 gallons per month, which makes 80 gallons for the whole four months. If you use more water, you will need to replace the filter sooner.
    The unit comes with a complimentary filter.

  • Pitcher Capacity

    This model can hold a little over half a gallon of water. Do not overfill it – it is better to refill more time during the day than to wipe the excessive amounts of water on the counter.

Want to know how to buy a water filtration pitcher? Our helpful buying guide will tell you what to look for when it comes to selecting the best one.


  • Digital Countdown – You can find it on the top of the handle, and it will let you know how many days remain before filter replacement is needed. Insert the date when you first place the filter.
  • Disassembling – The filter and tank come out without much hassle, and you can clean the pitcher.
  • Speed – The pitcher filters water quickly. A full dose of unfiltered water will go to the bottom of the pitcher in a minute or two.
  • Better Taste – This unit removes odors, chlorine, Zind, Sediment, Mercury, Copper, Cadmium, etc. Thus, the drinking water becomes healthier, it does not smell like urban tap water, and it tastes better.


  • Rubber Ring – The product comes with a rubber gasket at the bottom that keeps the pitcher from sliding but, unfortunately, it slips off too easily. It will be challenging to put it on the back again.
  • Plastic Frame – Although the plastic is BPA free and advertised as a hard material, the white frame on the outside handle and the top feels flimsy. It could break easily if you accidentally drop the pitcher.
  • Unstable Lid – The lid is cheaply made and unstable. On some occasions, it does not fit entirely well in the top part of the pitcher. You have to be careful when taking it out of the refrigerator so that you don’t spill water.

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