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ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck Review – Softener and Carbon Filter

Main Properties

The primary advantage of the ABC Waters 5600SXT Fleck Softener and Carbon Filter is written in the name – a combination of a water softener and a filter. This feature makes the unit more powerful and long-lasting because the softener will not function by itself. The filter which comes before the softener in the system will remove some harmful elements from the water before it passes through to the softener. Thus, the lifespan of the product extends. The filter itself will last for about four to six years. After that, you will need to replace it with a new one. As long as the water hardness is under 20 GPG, the system can serve a family of 2-5 people.

What It Removes

The advantage of this softener is that it comes with a carbon filter that comprises the whole system. Thus, the softener reduces the hardness of the water, while the filter removes chlorine and calcium. It also eliminates some metals and chemicals such as magnesium. It will work to provide you with odorless water. However, note that it does not remove nitrates or fluoride in drinking water.

The Contents of the Set

ABC Waters 5600sxt Fleck Softener and Carbon FilterThis system comes with several elements in the package besides the softener and the filter. It includes:

  • Digital meter 5600SXT valve
  • Brine tank with safety float
  • Fleck bypass valve with 1-inch male threaded yoke connection
  • 48,000 grain/1.5 cubic feet resin

Although the description states that it also comes with a hardness test and an installation bag, the product does not include these. You would need to purchase the fittings and supply lines to connect the plumbing to the softener. If you also want to test the water, you can purchase test kits online or from local hardware, plumbing, or pool supply store. In case you want to install the device outdoors, you will need a waterproof cover for the electrical wiring.

What to Expect

Upon delivery, you will receive the items that we listed above and you will need some additional hoses and connections, as well as a drain line. Installation is straightforward and easy with the instructions provided. You can place the device both indoors and outdoors if you have the right water-proof cover for the electrical parts. The product needs a 120V outlet supply.

This model is an on-demand metered softener. It measures the water you use and regenerates as needed. The harder the water, the more often it will need to regenerate. Note that the softener will backwash during the regeneration and will require a drain. Initially, you can add two or three bags of salt to the system and then a single bag every four weeks. These requirements are for standard usage in a family of two to five people.

To start the device, rinse it, and then throw the water once or twice. If you notice an odd smell after some time of using it, that might mean that you should change the filter. Make sure that you wash the brine regularly to keep the system in shape. If you do that, then the filter will protect the softener from dirty water, and the device will provide you with softer water.


  • Healthier water
  • No stains on dishes
  • Softener and filter in one unit
  • On-demand fleck
  • Easy installation
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Serves up to 5 people in a family with many bathrooms.


  • Filter does not purify water completely.
  • Hardware needs to be purchased separately.
  • Complaints about wrong pre-programming by the manufacturer.

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