Invigorated Living pH RESTORE Water Filter Pitcher Review

Invigorated Living pH Restore is a very popular water filter pitcher that combines an efficient water filter with a good water alkalizer. The filter comes with two filter cartridges, so it ensures a long supply of filtered water.


This is an efficient water filter that comes with a multi-stage filter. The filter is made out of micro-nets for particle catching, activated carbon from coconut shells, KDF, and a stone and ceramic blend.

The filters used by this unit can remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bad smells, and odors, salts, and they will also inhibit bacteria growth. Because components like lead, arsenic, and other pollutants are being removed from the water, it will have a better taste and it will be healthier for you.

Not only does this water filter remove contaminants from your water, but it will also add good minerals. A higher intake of selenium, zinc, and calcium can be beneficial for your well being, so having them added in your water is logical.

Due to the added minerals, the water is also more alkaline, making it even better for your health. This can improve your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

This model is superior to the previous ones. It has an easy-to-fill system and a digital gauge that will notify you when it’s time to change the filters.

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This model uses a very efficient cartridge filter. The filter is covered with a particle catching micro net that will stop most of the larger contaminants, like rust, silt, sand, or debris. After the water passes through the net, it will reach the activated carbon filter.

The activated carbon filter is made out of coconut shell charcoal. This charcoal offers a huge adsorption surface, so most of the contaminants in the water will attach themselves to the carbon. This is an efficient way of removing chlorine, chloramines, and any bad taste and smell that might affect the water.

After passing through the activated carbon filter, the water reaches a stone and ceramic filter. This filter is very important to the filtration process as it will remove most of the heavy metals, what’s left of the chlorine, and even some bacteria and other microorganisms from the water. This filter also removes most of the arsenic, lead, and other pollutants that might be present in the water.

The stone and ceramic filter also have another role. After the water is filtered, it will add healthy minerals like selenium, zinc, and calcium to it. The added minerals will make the water healthier in two ways. First, adding them will increase the water’s pH, making it more basic. Second, you will have a higher mineral intake which will increase your basal metabolism.

Even though you will only find this information on the manufacturer’s website, this water pitcher filter will also remove fluoride from the water.

This water filter pitcher has a digital gauge that will notify you when it’s time to change the filter cartridge.

Filter Longevity

This model’s filter cartridge has a filtering capacity of 264 gallons per cartridge. Two cartridges are included in the box, so you should expect to filter at least 500 gallons of water before you have to buy a new one. On average, a single filter cartridge should last for about 3 – 4 months, depending on your water consumption.

Pitcher Capacity

The pitcher’s full capacity is 1 gallon. However, when you close the lid the maximum filtered water capacity is 0.5 gallons. You should be aware that if you let the pitcher fill at its maximum level it will spill.


  • Filter Change Reminder – You will always know when it’s time to change the filters. Unlike other models that use a light sensor to notify you when it’s time to change the filters, this one uses a counter that counts down the days until your next filter change.
  • Removes Fluoride – This water pitcher filter is capable of removing up to 20% of the fluoride in your water. While this might not seem much, it’s more than what other models remove.
  • Two Filters Included – This water pitcher comes with two cartridge filters. You can actually get a third free water filter if you give it a 5-star rating on Amazon. While this is an insincere way to promote the pitcher, it will mean you will have a fresh supply of filters for almost a whole year.

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  • Bought Reviews – The manufacturer offers you a free filter if you rate the unit 5 stars, so its true rating would be lower. This might seem like a good marketing idea, but some people will still rate the unit fairly
  • Water Spills – If you let the pitcher fill at its maximum capacity it will spill. You should always take care not to leave the pitcher fill unsupervised, or have it fill in your sink.
  • Day Counter Button Could Be Better – The button on the day counter button should be better designed. As it is, it’s really difficult to press.

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